The Social Design Award honors sustainable projects

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The Social Design Award honors sustainable projects

This year, the participants shone with creative ideas for a better climate.

The winners of the Social Design Awards 2022 have been announced. A total of 170 national and international project ideas were submitted to the prize jury under the motto “We for our climate”. The ten best entries made the shortlist. On the evening of November 7, the award ceremony for the winning projects took place in Hamburg, including the idea for a green “Nuremberg-Fürth city canal” and the initiative “500 AKA – 500 people active for climate and species protection”. BAUHAUS supported the bifacade project “
‘ with a special price.

On Monday 7 November, this year’s winners of the Social Design Awards 2022 were announced. Under the motto “We for our climate”, ideas were sought this year that make a sustainable contribution to climate, environmental and species protection. Ten ideas made the shortlist. These were published on the SPIEGEL website and released to a public vote. In addition to the audience prize, a prize was awarded by the jury itself. Another idea was awarded the BAUHAUS special prize.

About bees, cars and biotopes – this year’s award winners

The Osnabrück initiative “500 AKA – 500 people active for climate and species protection” deals with the interaction between man and nature and thus won Audience Award for the Social Design Awards 2022. For this project, more than 900 volunteers planted more than 20,000 trees and seedlings in and around Osnabrück, built dry stone walls and dead wood hedges, and created an orchard. Some of the managed areas – a total of 23 biotope areas of more than 72,000 square meters – have been rented out for decades. Various sponsors finance the project, which has already won several awards. The initiators not only want to make a direct contribution to species and climate protection, but also encourage people to engage in a sustainable future.

Waterways instead of highway expansion – that is the goal of the Nuremberg-Fürth City Canal Association, Winner of the jury’s award. In order to make the city greener, more livable and more climate-friendly, the association undertakes not to expand the A73 motorway further as planned, but to convert it into a waterway. According to the association’s plans, a ten kilometer long and 1.50 meter deep canal will be built with bridges and four outdoor pools. The entire neighborhood should participate in the excavation work for the Nuremberg-Fürth city canal. On the other hand, the plots bordering the canal could be used for gardening. The association expects a maximum of one-sixth of the construction costs that would be incurred for the widening of the A73. According to the idea, an electric ferry would bring former drivers to work without traffic jams. A cycle path runs parallel to the canal, on which commuters can cycle into the city. 40 hectares of greenery would be created, where today there is only asphalt and concrete – for fresh air, cooling, heavy rain seepage and biodiversity.

Winner of the BAUHAUS special award are students and teachers at the Peter Behrens Art School in Düsseldorf with their bifacade “Sanctuary²”. Background to the project: More than half of the 561 wild bee species in Germany are threatened with extinction. The main reasons for this are lack of food and lack of nesting sites. The bi-facade must counteract this: It consists of a 5 meter high and 2.45 meter wide, multicolored wooden wall. Oak boards with nesting holes are mounted on it. The facade not only offers shelter to bees, but also to human visitors. You can take a seat on a bench integrated into the facade and watch the busy activity of the bees. The project symbolizes a place of harmony between man and nature. The first bi-facade of this kind has already been installed – in Dresden’s GEH8 cultural center.

BAUHAUS sets standards

As an active partner, BAUHAUS supports the Social Design Award for the ninth time and is thus an important example of sustainability, social commitment and cohesion in society. The jury consisted of: Friedrich von Borries (artist and professor of design theory at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg), Jolanthe Kugler (curator of the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland), Marcus Wegener (managing director BAUHAUS Nord) as well as Thorsten Dörting (member of the editor-in-chief of DER SPIEGEL) and Marianne Wellershoff (journalist at SPIEGEL Knowledge).

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