Stuttgart: High-rise building at Pragsattel: This is what it looks like in the Porsche Design Tower – Stuttgart

Bülow board member Selçuk Ulu (center back) with Radisson Group project developers Max Gross, Martina Alonso and Jacobo San Nicolas on the roof terrace of the upcoming restaurant in the tower at Pragsattel Photo: Lichtgut/Julian Rettig

The 168 rooms at the Radisson Blu Hotel must be ready by autumn 2023, and 5,500 square meters of offices will be occupied. But even those who don’t live or work there can enjoy a peak at the tenth floor.

A room inspection with safety shoes and a visible vest does not happen every day either. Room no. 1202 in the Porsche Design Tower is already fully furnished: with laminate floors and textile wallpaper, with box mattresses and a bathroom. There are water bottles on the bedside table and Porsche photographs by René Staud hang on the walls. But if you leave the model room on the twelfth floor, you are in the middle of the construction site, which nevertheless makes a very rough impression. In the other rooms, which are hardly recognizable as such, there are wet rooms available. Finally, the metal boxes only need to be clad on the outside and connected on the inside, says Selçuk Ulu, CEO of Bülow AG. “The method comes from shipbuilding.”

You don’t hear anything from the busy streets around

168 rooms are to be created in autumn 2023 in the Porsche Design Tower, which is realized jointly by Bülow AG and the Porsche Lifestyle Group. Looking up at the tower from the outside, you don’t have much of an idea of ​​the construction site inside. The round corners of the glass facade reflect the Porsche look. On the tenth floor, the building is twisted and takes up the reference to the surrounding streets. You don’t notice in the rooms that you are on Pragsattel at one of the busiest intersections in Germany. The thermal glass completely blocks the sound, weather-resistant blinds are installed between the panes. To prevent bird attacks, silver colored vertical stripes have been drawn in.

Radisson Blu aims to be one of the leading hotels in the city

The rooms at Hotel Radisson Blu go up to the 23rd floor. Nine brands belong to the group, which operates more than 1,100 hotels worldwide. In the “DACH” region, i.e. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there should be around 100 houses by 2025, as reported by Max Gross, Vice President Business Development DACH. So far, Radisson has hardly been present in Stuttgart. There is a Park Inn on Marienplatz and a Radisson Red is to be built in Neckarpark. In the Porsche Design Tower, however, Radisson Blu, the largest brand in the four-star plus segment in Europe, wants to become “one of the leading hotels in the city,” says Gross. The aim is to break into the top three in the upper price range, which is currently made easier by the fact that the Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten has been out of the market for a few years due to its core renovation.

The view from the 90 meter high tower is impressive

There will be no suites in the Radisson Blu. Room sizes range from 24 to 36 square meters. You’ll want to score points with the purist decor that comes from Radisson, and of course with the view. It is already impressive on the twelfth floor, where the rooms begin. Depending on the location, you can look towards the city and the TV tower, via Feuerbach to Zuffenhausen, to Killesberg and the vineyards below the Robert Bosch Hospital or to the Skyline Living Tower vis-à-vis. The residential building is 75 meters high, the Porsche Design Tower at just over 90 meters is the tallest building in the city after the television tower. “We would have liked to have built even higher,” says Bülow board member Selçuk Ulu. But the development plan for the city of Prague around the theater allows only four high-rise buildings up to a maximum of 90 meters. Guests not staying at the Radisson Blu can also enjoy the view, as a large restaurant and bar area with a total of 200 seats is to be built on the tenth floor, including the two terraces.

The culinary orientation up there is still unclear. Radisson project developer Max Gross talks about “casual dining”. On the ground floor, where a restaurant adjoins a coworking space, i.e. a shared workplace, the kitchen will be in Japanese style. This offer is primarily aimed at office workers, some of whom are around the Porsche Design Tower. And they will also be in the tower itself. Up to the eighth floor, offices are set up for a total of 5,500 square meters. The main tenant here is Porsche Consulting GmbH, but according to Bülow board member Selçuk Ulu, one or two floors are still vacant. There are already inquiries for the conference rooms on the ninth floor.

Up to 200 guests must be catered for on the tenth floor

Bottom line, the new Porsche Center in Stuttgart has been busy since the summer. The independent building is only connected to the tower via a so-called canyon as an access road. Talking about a car dealership would probably be a bit too banal for the lifestyle brand’s experiential world. In addition to a glass workshop with 3,500 square meters and 27 lifting platforms, there is a showroom of 1,500 square meters. Max Gross of the Radisson Group envisions synergistic effects because the targeted hotel guests include business people and city tourists as well as customers “who can pick up their Porsche and then spend the night here”.

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