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Things are going well in HSV on the football field – in the club management, on the other hand, things are simmering. The chairman and chairman of the board, Marcell Jansen, is coming under more and more pressure. In an email, three out of seven shareholders have now withdrawn their confidence. A crisis meeting is planned for Wednesday.

Damage to the association’s image, bad appointments to the board, financial difficulties – the shareholders blame Jansen, according to information from NDR 90.3. Investor Klaus-Michael Kühne had recently publicly called for the ex-professional to be fired. A meeting between the shareholders and HSV’s executive committee will take place on Wednesday.

The relationship with Boldt broke down

Jansen seems more and more isolated at HSV. The handling of former CEO Thomas Wüstefeld, who has since resigned but is still a shareholder, irritated many members and there was even a proposal to vote them out. The relationship with sole director Jonas Boldt is also considered broken.

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In their email, the three shareholders now criticized, among other things, Jansen’s decision to bring Detlef Dinsel onto the board without informing the shareholders in advance. That the president apparently wants to reshuffle the board and get rid of his main critics Lena Schrum and Hans-Walter Peters adds fuel to the fire – Jansen had asked the shareholders for continuity on the board.

Cool breakup with Jansen

The former national player also received a headwind a few days ago from investor Kühne, who publicly spoke him out: “He is responsible for the personal hiccups, which have a negative effect on the club. I want new people who come from outside. We need for a A new beginning,” the 85-year-old told “Hamburger Abenblatt”.

HSV finally deserves a setting where the club does not have constant financial worries and personal squabbles.”
Klaus Michael Kuehne

In addition to replacing Jansen, Kühne also discussed the appointment of two new board members. “HSV needs a strong chairman of the board, who is responsible for marketing and public image, as well as a financial manager. Given the importance of the club, I would like to have a kind of triumvirate,” said the entrepreneur, who owns 15.21 percent HSV shares and then HSV eV (75.10 percent) is the second largest shareholder.

What will become of the offer of 120 million euros?

At its core, the HSV management dispute is also about the question of whether the club will accept Klaus-Michael Kühne’s €120 million offer. Jansen doesn’t want that. However: Financially, HSV is once again on the edge – and can hardly cope with the necessary stadium renovation alone.

The Kühne offer probably only remains on the table without Jansen – but a termination of the 37-year-old seems impossible at this point. However, it is also not likely that he will succeed in settling down before the general meeting in early December, when the composition of the new board must be announced.

As chairman of eV, which is the largest shareholder with 75.1 percent, Jansen has at least one seat on the control committee. However, only the membership, which has grown to 90,000, can remove him from the post of club chairman at an ordinary or extraordinary general meeting by voting out.

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Marcell Jansen, chairman of Hamburger SV eV © Witters Photo: Valeria Witters

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The provisional board Thomas Wüstefeld, president Marcell Jansen and sporting director Jonas Boldt (from left) from Hamburger SV © Witters

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