Hashdex and Vinter launch first joint crypto ETP, Hashdex AG, press release

Hashdex, a global leader in crypto investments, announced today that it has partnered with crypto index provider Vinter to launch the joint Hashdex Crypto Momentum Factor ETP (Exchange Traded Product). The first exchange-traded product of its kind aims to enable institutional investors to profit from emerging cryptocurrencies. The product is the first momentum factor based crypto index ETP and is now listed on SIX Swiss Exchange and Xetra under the ticker symbol “HAMO” and “HDXM” respectively. Trading of the Hashdex Crypto Momentum Factor ETP starts today, November 8, on SIX Swiss Exchange and on Xetra, and then on November 9 on EuroNext. The prospectus, final terms and other documents related to the product can be found here.

“Our clear goal is to reach out to institutional investors. To do that, we have to offer innovative products,” says Jacob Lindberg, CEO of Vinter. “Winter Hashdex Risk Parity Momentum Index is an innovative index that focuses on the best performing cryptoassets while limiting risk. Hashdex is one of the world’s largest companies investing in cryptoassets. We are happy to work with them to bring this ETP to the European market.” The new ETP tracks the Vinter Hashdex Risk Parity Momentum Index jointly developed by Hashdex and Vinter and contains 12 large-cap cryptoassets indexed to their admission to major European exchanges and exhibiting relatively high price dynamics.The ETP limits the risk contribution of a single underlying and is rebalanced monthly At inception and when the index was last rebalanced, the top four constituents accounting for 56% of the portfolio were: Tron (17.94%) XRP (12.28%) Polygon (12.21 %) Binance Coin (10.63%) This allocation offers unique exposure compared to a market capitalization index and demonstrates the differentiation of the momentum approach. The four largest allocations represent the cryptoassets with the best relative risk-adjusted price performance. Weight is determined in a quantitative and rules-based manner, which allows exposure to assets not offered by other more traditional approaches, Bruno Sousa, Head of New Markets at Hashdex, explains : “There is a growing demand from investors to invest in highly dynamic crypto-assets. We are pleased to offer this in our latest product. Vinter has a very experienced team with an excellent track record and provided on-demand quantitative data that allowed us to create this unique product that expands our product offering beyond traditional investment strategies.” With the launch of the Hashdex Crypto Momentum Factor ETP and its Winter Hashdex Risk Parity Momentum Index, Hashdex continues its expansion in Europe and globally.In May 2022, the company launched its first European product: the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP on the SIX Swiss Exchange, which has traded since its IPO despite difficult market conditions have seen strong net inflow Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP is now tradable on Euronext Paris and Euronext Amsterdam under the ticker symbols HASH FP and HASH NA respectively and on Xetra under the ticker HDX1 GY More information on Winter Hashdex Risk Parity Momentum Index and find the relevant ETP s i.e. here.

About Vinter Vinter is Europe’s fastest growing index provider dedicated to crypto assets and plays a key role in the burgeoning crypto ETF industry. The company collects data on digital assets from hundreds of sources and turns its own strategies into investable products. For more information, please visit www.vinter.co.

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