Design keyboard sets for productive work

Cherry DW 9500 Slim
Design keyboard sets for productive work

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Cherry, specialist in computer input devices, presents the DW 9500 Slim, a rechargeable keyboard set consisting of the silver-black Cherry KW 9100 Slim wireless keyboard and the ergonomically designed MW 8C Ergo mouse.

Both the mouse and keyboard of the Cherry DW 9500 Slim design keyboard set are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

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For productive work at home or in the office, the Cherry DW 9500 Slim is now a desk set with a rechargeable keyboard and mouse (KW 9100 Slim and MW 8C Ergo). Both input devices are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. This should ensure weeks of work without interruptions. The USB-A to USB-C cable included in the scope of delivery takes care of the charging process, which is also possible during work. And to increase battery life, the wireless keyboard and mouse set can be turned off completely with a switch on both devices.

Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz WLAN is available via an included USB receiver to connect the wireless desk set. Switching between the two types of connection works via a slide switch on the mouse and keyboard. For example, a notebook can be operated via Bluetooth and a PC via radio with the same desktop set. Both transmission paths allow a range of up to 10 m and are encrypted according to AES-128.

In addition, the Cherry KW 9100 Slim keyboard has status LEDs. This is how users can see if the shift key or num lock key is activated. If the battery charge is about to run out, this is also signaled. For more flexibility, special and function keys can be freely programmed with the Cherry Keys software.

The ergonomic wireless mouse is designed for medium to large hands. Thanks to the rubberized side parts with thumb support, the thumb finds a relaxed position at work. Furthermore, the 6-button mouse with scroll wheel has some technical extras. This includes a high-precision sensor for using the mouse on a wide variety of surfaces, even on glass tables. By pressing the DPI button, the resolution can be set in 4 steps to 600, 1000, 1600 or 3200 dpi. This means that the wireless computer mouse can also be used on high-resolution 4K screens.

The Cherry DW 9500 Slim desktop set will be available from mid-November 2022 at a suggested retail price of EUR 139.99.

While the Cherry MW 9100, designed for office, home office or mobile use, works with Bluetooth or a USB dongle, the MC 2.1 gaming mouse is connected via a USB cable, which Cherry says is particularly flexible.  (cherry)


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