Amazon Throws Out Lego Technic Sets: Almost 50 Percent Off!

Discounts on Lego sets in the Technic area are not uncommon. Up to 30 percent is almost always possible somewhere. Above 30 percent, however, it becomes extraordinary. And when discounts climb past 40, things get really interesting for Lego bargain hunters. And it’s happening right now at Amazon with a flagship kit. But the other models are also impressive.

Flagship in focus from Amazon

One of the most controversial Technic sets in recent years is the focus of the discount campaign. As one of the top models, Lego will launch in 2021 the off-road truck Zetros from Mercedes Benz. With 2,110 parts and almost 300 euros, it represents the upper limit of the 2021 portfolio – at least below the absolute top model Cat D11. But there was also plenty of criticism of the set. He offered very little, especially considering the price.

The high price comes partly from the license, but also from the Control+ control. There are also differential locks, spring-loaded axles and a strong pitch angle. A total of four engines power the Mercedes truck. After Lego has meanwhile raised the list price to a whopping 330 euros, Amazon is now lowering it by 46 percent to 177 euros. This moves the price-performance ratio from the bottom to a top level. A safe gift tip for Christmas.

This is what Lego Technic model 42129 looks like assembled.

Brand new and already discounted: The new Lego Ferrari

The Lego 42143 Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 was introduced this year and joins the likes of the 42115 Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. Both 1:8 models are clearly aimed at adults and people who prefer a set in terms of number of parts and price. a showcase than playing with it. Both sets normally cost a whopping 450 euros. But Amazon shows mercy and offers 29 and 30 percent on the two sets. The newer Ferrari comes to 321 euros. Sián is offered for around 315 euros. So the good and almost 4,000 parts are finally priced a little more sensibly and real fans can turn up.

Lamborghini Sian Lego Technic

Three Lego sets at reasonable prices

In addition to the three huge sets, which for many are probably prohibitive, Amazon has also included three smaller models in the discount campaign. They can also be used to play with and are therefore recommended as a gift for children.

From the 2022 collection comes the Lego 42139 Technic ATV Off-Roader. The vehicle comes with a whopping 33 percent discount at Amazon and is therefore the offer alternative. The overall package is one of the best sets at the moment. For just under 60 euros, there are a lot of Technic features and a classic set at a relatively low price. Not only is there a running engine and gearbox, but also a cable winch, six springs and several differentials.

Lego Technic kit Ducati motorcycle
Lego Technic kit Ducati Panigale (42107) under construction.

42140 App Controlled Transformation Vehicle

The Lego Technic 42140 app-controlled transformation vehicle is equipped with a motor. But there’s no sluggish recoil motor slumbering here, but a genuine Control+ drive in the colorful trim. In addition, the car has something special: As soon as you hit a wall, the crawler truck falls backwards and another body shape comes to light. Disadvantage of the whole drive: It can only be controlled via an app and thus with the help of a smartphone.

Amazon also offers a great all-in price for the Ducati Panigale V4 motorcycle replica (Lego Technic 42107). The set with the red speedster costs just under 45 euros here and is therefore a real tip. Because with the 36 percent discount that Amazon gives, it comes to an area where the ratio between price and performance is very acceptable to very good.

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