Börse Express – World Crypto Conference 2023 in Zurich continues with a strong trend

What’s happening at World Crypto Conference 2023?

The World Crypto Conference 2023 will take place in Zurich next January, bringing together crypto and blockchain experts from around the world. The central topics of the three-day conference are DeFi, NFTs and Metaverse. But it is by no means only the members of the crypto world who are offered a platform at the conference. For the traditional financial industry will also be there, holding debates about their own role in a changing world and how they can co-exist alongside the increasing number of digital assets. The conference is a collection of presentations, panels, workshops and competitions for anyone interested in the blockchain world. This includes both private visitors and the very large companies in the industry. The advantage is that all industry experts are also available for networking events. The opportunities to make new acquaintances away from the event itself and possibly start a future business relationship are correspondingly good.

The fact that Zurich is the perfect place for the crypto community is due to the various steps that the country has long taken to establish Bitcoin as an everyday means of payment and to let the blockchain technology find its way into other areas as well. An example of this is the House of Satoshi, which interested parties can easily enter to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. There is also various crypto merchandise and a cup of coffee from our own barista. Another industry where this trend has been evident for years is entertainment. Already close to digitality and innovation, it is usually one of the first points of contact to implement technological advances. Here, iGaming is one of the fastest growing sectors where transactions are also of paramount importance. Providers want speed and security, which among other things works extremely well with digital means. So have yourself best bitcoin casinos in switzerland established a good reputation and enjoys great popularity. There are the usual secure payment transactions of cryptocurrency, which make any manipulation or theft of credit almost impossible. In addition, transactions are much faster than bank transfers or card payments. The low fees are also an important argument for online players choosing to pay in the casino with Bitcoin.

Burgers in Switzerland also eat with Bitcoin

Although the gaming industry is one of the pioneers in integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday life, a large part of society is now open to payments with Bitcoin and Co. The best example of this is the city of Lugano, not far from the Italian border. In the local McDonald’s branch, all cryptocurrency holders can now spend Coins Bitcoin and USDT to count. A Big Mac cost about 35,000 satoshis when it was introduced in early October. The payment process is not much different from paying by card, so it is not nearly as complicated as many might expect. There is a good chance that other companies in the fast food industry and restaurants will follow McDonald’s example.

Like Zurich, Lugano is developing into one of the hotspots of the crypto industry. Taxes in, among other things, the southern Swiss city can already be paid with cryptocurrency. And plans for the future are increasingly moving towards crypto acceptance. For example, the city is considering making parking fines, public services and tuition fees affordable for students with cryptocurrency. This Bitcoin on its future and market dominance is still the first choice seems obvious. But the many start-up companies in the region should have influence when it comes to local commitment to innovations. The question of how Zurich, Lugano and Co. can look like in a few years, is therefore exciting. Until then, Bitcoin & Co. still take a lot of speed.

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