ApeCoin Price Prediction: APE Pumps 5%

After a predominantly strong start to the trading weekend, the first profit-taking followed. The digital currency market is currently trading around 1.5% in the red. However, the overall crypto market cap remains consistently above 1.5%. Nevertheless, there are individual coins that are clearly in positive territory. In addition to Chiliz or Algorand, ApeCoin is also one of the best winners in today’s market environment. At about 80% below ATH and only 65% ​​above all-time lows, can ApeCoin reverse the trend now and potentially pump towards $10 in 2022? Our ApeCoin price prediction and a new NFT trading card game as an alternative if you are looking for coins with a high risk reward ratio.

ICO, pump and months of sideways movement: is ApeCoin breaking out now?

ApeCoin (APE) does not yet have a very long history. First there was the ICO in the spring and the subsequent pump. Because the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have generated enthusiasm in recent years and are considered one of the most successful NFT collections ever. After the pump to the ATH of $26.70 on April 28, 2022, about six months ago, a massive correction took place so that ApeCoin fell back to around $5 level within a very short time. APE then corrected further, hitting a record low of $3.10 in June. From this level, ApeCoin has already recovered by 65%. Nevertheless, price developments have largely been sideways in recent months.

In the last 24 hours, ApeCoin has risen about 5% and is currently trading at $5.12. CoinMarketCap indicates trading volume is up around 50%. This means that the APE price is rising again on a weekly basis, with price increases of 14.5% in the past two weeks. However, in the last 30 days, ApeCoin has remained completely unchanged, confirming the impression of an endlessly long sideways movement without lasting impulses.

ApeCoin Price Prediction: Can APE Recover Now?

The defined lateral range was briefly abandoned twice, but the breakouts proved unsustainable. For a more positive picture in the medium term, ApeCoin would first have to overcome $6.11, at $7.50 the tide would have turned and an upward move to $10 would be in the realm of possibility. However, while the last trading day has been accompanied by rising volume, interest in APE from long-term traders is manageable. Getting started is not really an option (yet).

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The development of the ApeCoin stake should be exciting in the next few days. Announcements and milestones in this regard have often caused minor price movements in the past few weeks.

Calvaria NFT Trading Card Game Presale: Earn Over 100% Book Profit Up To ICO With RIA

ApeCoin became known primarily through its own non-fungible token and positioned itself as a metaverse token. Those looking to venture into new cryptos in this space can also take a look at the NFT trading card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. Because those responsible are pursuing a big goal – blockchain games and NFTs should finally reach the mass market. To do this, they want to bring conventional players to Calvaria with a free smartphone app and then complete the conversion to the Play-2-Earn version.

If we assume that the RIA token will not be listed immediately below the ICO price after the presale, the initial investment can easily be doubled here. Because the RIA token currently costs $0.025 in phase 4. This price will rise to as high as $0.055 in the next few weeks, resulting in book gains of 120% for an investment in the current phase.

pre-sale phase Price Available RIA tokens
Step 1 $0.010 per token 30,000,000
Level 2 $0.015 per token 30,000,000
level 3 $0.020 per token 30,000,000
Level 4 $0.025 per token 30,000,000
stage 5 $0.030 per token 30,000,000
stage 6 $0.035 per token 30,000,000
stage 7 $0.040 per token 30,000,000
level 8 $0.045 per token 30,000,000
stage 9 $0.050 per token 30,000,000
level 10 $0.055 per token 30,000,000

Participation in the pre-sale is easy via Calvaria’s website. After connecting to your own wallet, you can perform the token exchange and claim the RIA tokens at the end of the presale.

Now to Calvaria (RIA)

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