Globus: Opens a market hall in Saarbrücken-Dudweiler

GLOBUS opened its newest GLOBUS market hall in Saarbrücken-Dudweiler.


that GLOBE Managing directors Matthias Bruch and Thomas Hewer, GLOBUS managing directors in Dudweiler, Frank Bennoit, as well as Patrick Berberich, deputy and head of construction for the city of Saarbrücken, and Ralf-Peter Fritz, district mayor of Dudweiler, ceremoniously cut the ribbon. GLOBUS had it former real market first taken over at the end of January this year and within the past nine months the entire site has been fundamentally redeveloped, modernized and switched to the GLOBUS concept. With the opening of the new location, GLOBUS makes a significant contribution to the development of the Dudweiler district and provides a clear commitment to the Saarland homeland.

“In our new market hall in Dudweiler, we rely on our proven GLOBUS strengths: own production directly on the spot, freshness and regionality as well as a large selection from entry-level to well-known brands”, emphasized Matthias Bruch, spokesman for the management of the GLOBUS Group, when he spoke about the average range. “Especially with our baker and butcher, we create a lot good value for money as well as a unique offer for our customers.”

GLOBUS’ strengths are tested in times of inflation and price increases

The focus of the round 4,800 square meters huge market hall is strongly food-oriented and focuses on freshness, regionality and own production. “Cooperation with regional manufacturers, suppliers and service providers continues to play an important role for us,” explained Thomas Hewer, spokesman for the management of the GLOBUS Markthallen, at the opening. “We want to sustainably strengthen the regions where our market halls are located, secure jobs and through short transport routes to protect the environment.”

Under the brand “Good things from here”, GLOBUS customers find more than 35 local producers Products on the shelves that come from a maximum radius of 40 kilometers from the market hall. This focus on location is also reflected in GLOBUS specialist butcher shop and master baker, where GLOBUS can also offer a unique price-performance ratio with its own and thus most local production. Fresh food counters with a fish and cheese market as well as fresh salad and antipasti islands complete this offer. At the end of the year follows GLOBE restaurantthe popular one butcher grill as well as one sushi bar. Work in these areas is still in full swing.

In addition to a wide range of regional products, the shelves are round 25,000 items from food area and a wide range of household items, including stationery, kitchen utensils and apothecary items. “Especially with our own brands, we can offer high-quality, innovative and at the same time cheap alternatives in many areas,” says Thomas Hewer. In the entrance area of ​​the market hall, a large number of concessionaires complete the offer, including the fashion house Schwan, Aktiv Optik, a pharmacy and the Fuscaldo ice cream bar.

The opening in Dudweiler is a clear commitment to the Saarland

With a additional market in Saarbrücken urban area and the second store opening in Saarland this year (after Neunkirchen in the spring), GLOBUS sends a strong signal to Saarland and its state capital. The new GLOBUS market hall makes a significant contribution to the ongoing development of the Dudweiler quarter, where several large housing projects and the start-up quarter Dudopark are under construction.

Patrick Berberich, head of the construction department of the city of Saarbrücken, is also happy about the successful opening: “It is a good day for Dudweiler. The market hall will also further strengthen Saarbrücken as a place of trade. We are pleased with the brave decision of the GLOBUS management and above, what was the result of this decision in Dudweiler. That new market neck concept Have model character and offers a diverse range that focuses on high quality food, some of which is made in-house. We expressly welcome the support and partnership with local and regional producers due to sustainability. The state capital wishes GLOBUS and its employees every success.”

145 employees is employed in the new GLOBUS market hall – GLOBUS has more than doubled the number of jobs at the retail location. For GLOBUS has also hired all 60 former real employees and got to know the company and the new colleagues over the past months through extensive training and familiarization in the adjacent GLOBUS market halls. “We feel closely connected to the Saarland. The opening of another market hall here in our home country means a lot to us at GLOBUS, and we are happy to be able to strengthen our region and sustainability to contribute”, says Matthias Bruch. (GLOBUS)

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