Why web design is important for your business

The first impression counts

The first minutes that potential customers spend on the website often determine whether they are still interested in the presented company or not. If the page regularly exits too quickly, the web design may be the cause.

Businesses should not skimp on web design for their own website. After all, the website is often the first point of contact between the company and potential customers. (Image: © trustfactory)

Building trust with good web design

First of all, the web design serves to ensure that potential customers gain confidence in the presenting company or certain services. The website must therefore convince visitors from the start. This is best achieved with appealing content in the form of text, images and videos. Visitors to the site need to feel that they are well informed about the topic they are looking for, because only then will they stay on the site – or return to it if they have another problem.

The added value you offer your users plays a big role. Long sentences or explainer videos that say nothing are counterproductive. As a result, users will feel that they are not sufficiently informed by the website and will consult other sources.

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Implement usability and user experience in web design

A website that is user-friendly is easy to use for research. Users should therefore have no problem finding and understanding the information they are looking for.

The user experience, on the other hand, is the experience as a whole that occurs when you visit your website. First and foremost is the fun factor. If site visitors do not enjoy reading or exploring content on the site, there is a high probability that no business will be completed.

A good tip is to keep the web design simple so that users do not get frustrated and quickly grasp the principle of the website. Animations, outlines and attractive design can also be useful.

Stand out from the competition with interesting web design

Every site is different. This applies to both the design and the control. It is particularly important that you differentiate your website from other companies that may become competitors. Be sure to check out other sites. What do they do well and what can you learn from others? Also, be aware of the disadvantages of other sites and try to avoid them on your own.

The more customized a page appears, the more promising it will most likely appear to customers. At this point, however, you should make sure that an individual design has nothing to do with being overloaded with creative options. The trick is to find a simple and appealing design that still stands out from the pages of competing companies.

Brand consistency – pay attention to consistent design

Whether you only have a website or create additional profiles in social media: A consistent and consistent web design is a prerequisite for your brand to be recognized everywhere. This of course includes the correct placement of the logo or brand name. Furthermore, sub-pages for your own website should also be matched to each other in terms of color and design. Design elements that can appear again and again are, for example, colored columns (always choose the same color) as well as uniform fonts and headings.

4 tips for an attractive web design

Now that you have basic information about web design, we would like to give you a few concrete tips that will definitely help your website improve its image.

Responsive design

Today, it is no longer customary to call up a website exclusively via the browser on a PC. Most users have a smartphone or tablet and like to surf the Internet on the go. That’s why it’s important that your website loads and displays smoothly on any device you use. Responsive design makes this possible. As a result, the page automatically adapts to the technical device from which it is currently accessed. All users benefit from a positive website experience.

Use images in a targeted way

It’s no secret that many people find images more appealing than long text, especially when discussing “dry” topics. However, it is also important to find the right balance between text and image material. A website with too many images often looks unprofessional and confusing. Instead, it may make sense to break up long blocks of text with images or videos and make them more descriptive. Infographics that clarify or summarize the content in a creative way are also welcome to add as support. If you choose an infographic, make sure it fits the overall design of the website.

Get attention with headlines and titles

Although the content of a text is decisive, the choice of headings plays a significant role. Site users are usually looking for specific information and hope to find it on your site. Help them by choosing concise headlines that draw attention to articles and structure a text. Headlines should be large enough to grab the visitors’ attention without being too intrusive. Sometimes it also helps if you mark them in bold or in a specific color.

Call to action and buttons

You are probably pursuing the goal of winning new customers with your website and getting them to interact, because only then will you generate the hoped-for sales. It does not matter whether it is about entering into an order or insurance. Make it as easy as possible for your customers and use buttons. These must contain a short and precise request (e.g. “Get advice now” or “Order here”) and be sent directly to the corresponding sub-pages where the respective interaction can be carried out.

A call to action can also be a request for action at the end or beginning of a text. If you provide content that is about a specific service provided by your company, you should state at the end that customers can seek advice from you. The call to action at the beginning of an article encourages customers to read it.


Your own website is the flagship of a business. It must be designed accordingly. An attractive web design is characterized by individual design functions as well as good content and a high degree of user-friendliness. In this way, new customers can be won and existing ones can be tied to the company in the long term.

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