Green crypto hits another milestone soon – IMPT raises $11.9 million

IMPT pre-sales have so far been running at breakneck speed. The project raised $10.8 million in just 20 days. Another milestone is imminent. USD 12 million will be reached soon. The green cryptocurrency is about to enter the third and final phase of the presale. We will show you some advantages of cryptocurrency and explain how the IMPT price could continue.


IMPT pre-sale is successful

The current pre-sale shows great demand right from the start. The USD 11.5 mark was reached on 31 October. The team announced this on Twitter.

The pre-sale is divided into three phases. In each section, the price of tokens increases. This may mean that demand decreases slightly with each step, but this has not been observed so far. The project seems to be generating a lot of demand.

The community behind the coin is also already growing. IMPT’s official Twitter account is currently followed by over 7,000 people. This could be a sign that the crypto world will soon respond to climate change.

IMPT : a special green cryptocurrency

Because the topic of environmental protection and climate change has not quite reached the crypto world. The developers of IMPT want to change that. The project wants to bring CO₂ compensation to the blockchain. At the same time, the compensation must benefit from the security of the crypto scene.

On the one hand, they want to make further progress in environmental protection. On the other hand, they will make the sale of CO₂ certificates more secure. Because the developers depend on NFT integration of their sales. This means that each certificate is unique and cannot be copied or stolen.

IMPT website

At the same time, IMPT gives the entire crypto scene the opportunity to become more environmentally friendly. Because cryptocurrencies have long been criticized for their high power consumption. In times of energy crisis, IMPT can appear at a particularly opportune time.

With the IMPT platform, crypto traders will soon be able to offset their own carbon emissions. They should be able to do that in two ways. On the one hand, it will be possible to sell your own CO₂ certificates via the IMPT token. Furthermore, a partner store must be published. Here, customers can choose from over 25,000 stores. After online shopping, the retailer will convert a certain percentage of the purchase amount into CO2 compensation.

Partnerships have already been made for the store with major brands such as Udemy, Gukos, Restflix and Calzedonia. Only recently did the giant Amazon partner with IMPT. Thanks to these large partners, it can be assumed that the project has significant potential and that large companies also believe in a future of compensation.

Blockchain carbon offsets offer significant benefits

The crypto world can benefit from IMPT. But the project is also experiencing significant benefits from blockchain. After all, it is not particularly easy to buy CO2 compensation at the moment. The certificates, which must compensate for the emission of one ton of CO₂, are issued by the state. There are only a few companies that offer the certificates. Prices vary, companies often pay significantly less than private individuals.


The integration on the blockchain makes sales much easier. Individuals pay the same price as businesses for IMPT compensation. The entire process is transparent thanks to the transaction via blockchain.

A used certificate will be burned after submission. In this way, the company secures itself against the double benefit of the compensation.

Rising IMPT course thanks to the CO₂ price?

When making forecasts for the IMPT project, experts may include an interesting factor: the price of CO₂. The project or the IMPT award is entirely dependent on this.

A certificate that offsets the emission of one ton of carbon dioxide currently costs around 25 euros. It is already clear that this will continuously increase in the coming years. It should be at least 65 euros in 2026.

IMPT forecast CO2 price

The price of these certificates is therefore interesting for an IMPT forecast, as IMPT must also raise the prices for the compensation they offer. As a result, crypto traders will have to purchase more IMPT tokens to continue using the platform. This in turn can have a positive effect on the price.

However, this scenario will only become a reality if the overall demand for the project is stable.

The topic of climate change is extremely important and the next few weeks and months will be extremely interesting for the project. How retailers respond to the innovative project will have a major impact on the future of IMPT.

In any case, IMPT has a unique selling proposition and solid forecasts. Demand for tokens has been very positive over the past few weeks. The developers are already making their project stand out from the crowd by bringing an important discussion and an important topic that will not diminish in the future.

So you can buy IMPT now

With IMPT, the developers want to make the world a little greener and give something back. Those who want to support the project can buy IMPT tokens in advance with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Go to the website

The IMPT website gives you an overview of how much the token costs and how many coins are left in the current phase. To buy, you need to connect your ETH-based crypto wallet to the site.

IMPT Home new

Step 2: Acquire cryptocurrencies

If you don’t want to pay for your tokens with a credit card, you should have ETH or USDT coins in your wallet. Now you can start the purchase, use the “Buy” button.

Step 3: Buy IMPT

Now a trading window will open for you. Here you can specify how many IMPT tokens you want to buy and which cryptocurrency you want to use as a means of payment.

Check your information and confirm your purchase. The purchase must be confirmed both on the website and in your wallet. Your IMPT coins will not be available to you immediately. After the presale is completed, you will receive information on how and when you can claim your tokens. These will initially be blocked from trading for a certain period.

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