Värdex now also offers crypto coupon cards at all post offices

(Baar)(PPS) The easiest, most convenient and safest way to cryptocurrencies: the Kryptonow voucher card for cryptocurrencies can now also be purchased at almost 800 post offices in Switzerland. The range also includes the new digital currencies Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot and Avalanche. A customer survey from cryptonow has shown that customers most often give the gift card to themselves.

  • The Swiss blockchain company is now also launching the retail voucher card for cryptocurrencies at Swiss Post
  • In addition to Bitcoins, selected providers now offer the currencies Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot and Avalanche

Following points of sale at Manor, K Kiosk, Volg, Migrolino, MediaMarkt, various gas stations and others, the post office is now making cryptocurrencies available to everyone – no cryptocurrency or blockchain knowledge required. The Kryptonow voucher card from the Swiss blockchain company Värdex Suisse makes it possible. The company was founded in 2017 in the “Crypto Valley” of Zug and is the leading provider of crypto-financial services for private customers in Switzerland. The coupon cards have been on the market since the end of 2020. An annual growth of over 300% has been registered since the start.

Buy cryptocurrency safely without expertise

The cryptonow voucher cards provide a good introduction to virtual currencies. Because many people are interested in cryptocurrencies but do not know how to use the corresponding trading platforms. “They consider cryptos to be technologically complex and insecure,” says Simon Grylka, CEO of Värdex Suisse. In order for cryptocurrencies to reach more than just the crypto community, Värdex has launched the voucher card. “Cryptonow voucher card is an ideal channel for crypto beginners who have not yet dealt with the purchase of cryptocurrencies. You can easily use it to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies and feel safe even without your own knowledge and experience.” A survey by cryptonow has shown that typical customers have so far bought the card for their own use.

Expansion of the sales points with post offices

From November 2022, the crypotonow cards will be available in almost 800 Swiss Post branches. “We are very pleased to be able to offer customers in our branch network simplified access to the crypto world with an innovative product – cryptonow voucher card. As a gift, as an investment or just to try it out,” says Vijdan Gussen, head of marketing at Swiss Post and member of the executive board. With the launch at the post offices, the voucher cards from cryptonow are available in over 4,500 points of sale in Switzerland.

New currencies

In addition to Bitcoin, the gift cards are now also available with the currencies Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot and Avalanche. “We are responding to the demand for other currencies,” says Grylka. Bitcoin started as the oldest cryptocurrency and is now supplemented by four other currencies:


Ethereum is not just a pure cryptocurrency, but a technology for decentralized apps. This means that different apps are installed on this technology, similar to a smartphone. Ethereum uses programmable contracts – so-called Smart Contracts. These contracts are smart because they automatically execute agreed upon steps when a certain event occurs.


Solana combines three key blockchain aspects: decentralized, secure and scalable. The system can already handle thousands of transactions per second. With this high speed and low transaction costs, Solana is very suitable as a foundation for decentralized apps, such as decentralized crypto exchanges.

Polka dots

Polkadot is a next generation blockchain protocol and makes it possible to connect different blockchains and let them communicate with each other. The project was started with the vision of creating a better internet, where control lies to a greater extent with the individual than with large companies.


Avalanche blockchain supports decentralized apps and execution of smart contracts. Along with Ethereum, Solana and Polkadot, Avalanche belongs to the group of decentralized computing platforms where developers can implement their own decentralized projects.

Activated in a few steps

The cryptonow coupon card is available at the post office for Swiss francs. Later, the buyer himself decides when the card is activated on his own smartphone or computer. Once activated, the value of the gift card will be converted to the relevant cryptocurrency at real-time rates. The whole process takes only a few steps and works with the highest security standards. This gives the consumer a lot of flexibility and completely controls the transaction himself. The card also offers so-called “cold storage”, i.e. an offline wallet, the best way to keep cryptocurrencies safe and well protected.

price and availability

  • Bitcoin Gift Card (CHF 50-500)
    Available in all cryptonow sales points

  • Coupon Card Ethereum (CHF 50-500)
    Available in selected points of sale (Post, K Kiosk, MediaMarkt, gas stations)

  • Coupon card Solana, Polkadot and Avalanche (CHF 50-200)
    Available in selected departments (K Kiosk)

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