Dash 2 Trade brings professional crypto trading to everyone

In just its second week of pre-sales, the new professional intelligence and crypto signal platform Dash 2 Trade has already managed to raise $3.5 million.

Investors are rushing to the project, which offers the unique selling proposition of being the only crypto trading platform that offers the added value of focusing on pre-sale research.

Uniquely, the project offers a presales scoring system based on 12 key metrics and data points that every trader should have on their presales checklist – with Dash 2 Trade you can.

In addition to the innovations around pre-sales, there are many other features such as strategy backtesting, AI-powered market sentiment analysis and trading competitions to name a few.

Buy cheap D2T tokens now before they are gone

The project is in the second phase of the presale, and there are only 32 million tokens left for sale out of the original 70 million allocated for the current phase.

When the amount raised reaches $5,166,000, the price of the D2T token will increase from $0.050 to $0.0513 in the third phase of the presale.

The pre-sale phase has been split into nine phases and includes a price escalator to encourage early investors and encourage FOMO.

In the final, ninth phase, 1 D2T token will cost $0.0662. Early bird investors will have a paper profit of 39% by the end of the presale, provided they bought in the first phase of the presale.

But if they buy at today’s price, they still get a 32% return. The 10-stage presale phase is targeting $40 million in revenue.

Announcement of important IPOs expected later this week?

Although no official listing has yet been officially announced, the team is in talks with a number of exchanges and a deal signing with one of those exchanges is expected to be imminent.

As of this writing, there’s no telling which exchange — or exchanges — are in the works, but at least one of the announcements could come as soon as this week.

News of CEX listings before the pre-sale is complete is a vote of confidence in a project in terms of its team, technology and commercial prospects.

Dash 2 Trade is run by a strong team with proven experience in deal execution

Both exchanges and investors are likely to be particularly attracted to the strength of the Dash 2 Trade team.

The company’s traders, quants and developers include many who have gained their experience in the dynamic and rapidly growing Learn 2 Trade trading community, which has 70,000 members who receive trading signals and access to educational resources.

Out of the frustration of their experiences as professional traders, the team discovered a gap in the market in the area of ​​presales – an area even less explored than other corners of the crypto world.

Many of the best risk and reward opportunities can be found in presale tokens, but with dozens on the market every month, it can be difficult to keep track of – until Dash 2 Trade came along.

Introduction to Dash 2 Trade dashboard and subscription pricing

But the platform does much more than just enable due diligence on pre-sales.

At the heart of Dash 2 Trade is the dashboard, which turns the platform into a kind of “Bloomberg terminal for crypto traders”.

The suite of tools includes an auto-trading API and a full-featured backtesting facility for the strategy builder.

There are also real-time data feeds, technical indicators and trading signals that provide actionable insights.

If traders want to try Dash 2 Trade before committing to one of the large subscription packages, they can access a number of free features such as: B. charts, watch lists, alerts and access to social sentiment analysis – but only for a limited number of coins.

To use the full range of features, users must pay a monthly subscription of 400 D2T for the Starter level and 1,000 D2T for the Professional level.

The market for crypto trading tools includes Cryptohopper with its 500,000 members and other providers such as Maxxer, Santiment and Cointelegraph Market Pro – but none of them combine everything in the way that Dash 2 Trade does.

It should also be mentioned that Dash 2 Trade wants their users to trade successfully, and a big part of that means proper risk control, so unlike many other platforms, Dash 2 Trade comes with a risk profiler.

Generous allocation to investors before sale – how to buy

Out of a total issuance of 1 billion D2T tokens, 700 million tokens are available to investors in the pre-sale phase. There is no lock-in period for investors before selling.

The remaining tokens will be divided as follows: 5% for liquidity, 5% for talent acquisition, 5% for the competition pool and 15% for project growth and product development.

To buy D2T, potential investors need to connect their crypto wallet on dash2trade.com and use either ETH or USDT to buy tokens.

Once the presale is over, connect to the same wallet to get tokens.

Those who do not have a funded crypto wallet can purchase ETH directly on the Dash 2 Trade website with a debit or credit card.

Mobile users are best served using Trust Wallet and navigating to the pre-sale page via the built-in Trust Wallet browser.

Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is fully audited by SolidProof and the team is verified by Coinsniper.

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