A guide for anyone considering buying a designer bag

How do I find my perfect first designer handbag?

Soon the time will finally come and I would like to buy my first designer bag. But I am totally overwhelmed by the large selection of brands and models. That’s why I got mine Get help from the experts at SACLÀB. SACLÀB specializes in buying and selling waiting list bags and is therefore the perfect contact for the 10,000 questions I have. I am of course very happy to share with you the tips I received from Leonie Görke, Content and PR Lead at SACLÀB.


First, Leonie explained to me what considerations had to be made in relation to the subject of the apartment. “You have to think carefully in advance if you want to use the bag a lot, e.g to the office to take or to the city or about taking them only occasionally in the evening want to run. If you will use them a lot, the investment may be even more worthwhile than if you only use them three special occasions a year.’

The color

“With colors it is always safest to proceed classic shades and patterns to put. Black or beige are very neutral colors and a good choice for a first purchase because they can go anywhere. But if you fall in love with a green Bottega, that is of course also good. If, for example, you dress more neutrally and would like your bag to stand out and be an eye-catcher, you can also light color be the right choice for you”, explains Leonie in an interview.

The material and the care

“Ask yourself: Am I willing to take a lot of care of a bag? Do I want to put a lot of effort into cleaning it, taking care of the leather? You should also ask yourself these questions. At the first purchase, we would rather robust leather recommend what you can accidentally hit somewhere without anything happening. At Chanel, for example, it is caviar leather, which is so grained and coated and is considered very robust. Lamb leather, on the other hand, is much more sensitive, but of course has the appeal of looking very luxurious, smooth and beautiful. For many first-time buyers, this can also happen with Dior canvas material is about. This is the fabric you often see in, for example, the Dior Saddle Bag. But you also have to be careful with stains, because you can’t get everything out of them.

Also make sure the bag holds its shape. Ideally, you should pack your bag when you get home empty and stuff like that and stored away from strong sunlight, otherwise it may fade. With leather, the humidity should be neither too high nor too low.”

Define the budget

A designer bag is definitely not a bargain – especially not if you want to buy it new. For me, as a typical impulse buyer, this means: I do not give in to the first impulse, directly and without hesitation, to buy a bag that spontaneously appeals to me and gives me a little more thought. So a designer bag is not something you just buy in between – at least not if you have a normal average income. In any case, it makes sense to spend a lot of time dealing with the subject and carefully select a bag that fits your budget and doesn’t force you to live on bread and water for the next few months, and that you can get something out of . for a long time Has.

A tip I got from the professionals at SACLÀB is to get Price per wear and tear to calculate. I look at how much the bag costs, think about how often I’ll wear it, and mix the two numbers together. This is how I find out how much the bag costs me per use. Then I think carefully about whether this investment is worthwhile for me and fits into my budget or not.

Designer bag: accessory or investment?

The topic of the bag as an investment is another topic that still has a burning interest for me. Should I have one? Bag as an investment buy it to be able to later sell it at a higher price, or is it more useful? “It depends entirely on personal preferences. You can of course also invest in timeless models, I personally think it’s a shame to only have one bag lying around at home. Bags are, of course, to be taken with you. And the first bag in particular usually has a certain value for you. Perhaps you have saved for a long time and fulfilled your dream of your first designer bag. I think you don’t like to give it back because it retains an emotional value.”explains Leonie.

Which designer bags would you recommend if you want to buy a bag as an investment?

“If you’re buying a bag with an investment in mind, I would think classic hold. These include, for example, the classic Chanel flap bag – the medium is very popular right now – then still Dior Lady Diorthat Dior saddle bag… it is best to rely on the timeless classics. Chanel is a very good investment, especially with the price increases. In the Asian market, they also introduced a quota system where you can only buy two bags per year. So I guess the secondary market demand will increase even more. Dior is a little more difficult. If you take good care of the bag, you can also sell it for a good price, but Dior is usually a bit more trend-oriented. As a starting point, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Bottega Veneta has been totally hyped for the past two years. There are many models that you may not be able to buy anymore and are therefore particularly popular on the resale market, but like Dior they are also more trend-oriented.”

What else should I consider if the bag is to be an investment?

“When buying, make sure the bag is quiet the original dust bag ideally have too box and one invoice. The more accessories you have, the more expensive you can sell the bag later.”

Buy new or shop in advance?

If you want to buy a designer handbag, you can either decide to buy a new one or buy your favorite bag used. Of Advantage of new purchase: You get a flawless designer bag with no flaws, which you can later very well sell if you take good care of it and take care of it.

At a used or handbag in love, you can save money because models that have already been used are usually significantly cheaper than new models. You also have the chance to grab models that may no longer be made today and help increase the consumption of Making designer fashion more sustainable. With your used purchase, a special designer piece gets a new life. For my part, I therefore prefer to buy pre-loved and browse on used platforms or in thrift stores.

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