Locher brewery: First Swiss whiskey dependent on NFT

«Karl Locher’s 60th anniversary reserve»: This special bottling from the Locher brewery is offered in an exclusive, limited and numbered edition of 60 bottles. It is personally dedicated to the 60th birthday of Karl Locher, who started this project. According to the announcement, the distillate from eight different, exclusive casks was matured in Switzerland’s largest whiskey cellar, a «excellent» Composite single malt.

Of «Karl Locher’s 60th anniversary reserve» contains, among other things, the first hour of Swiss single malt whisky. Before finishing, the in-house distilled New Make matured in historic, 80- to 140-year-old beer barrels. These would have already written brewing history and would give the whiskey its unmistakable taste and color. The 60 whiskey bottles are a personal statement by Karl Locher and tell the history of the company and the family in their own authentic way.

«Innovation always begins in the mind with a bold idea and the courage to take risks. The idea for this limited edition arose in a conversation with Authena about new technical possibilities for using NFT, where real objects can be secured with virtual images and encoded inseparably. The image of the whiskey shows an Appenzell landscape, from which the essential raw materials for the production of these exclusive whiskeys come”, Karl Locher, owner of the Locher brewery and founder of the renowned Säntis Malt, is quoted in the press release. According to Karl Locher, he works with 40 Swiss farmers who grow malting barley at higher altitudes in Appenzell and in Graubünden (1100 to 1400 meters above sea level) – and which, together with spring water from the Alpstein, is used in whisky.

Bottle and picture belong together

The information on the respective whiskey bottle can be retrieved at any time by reading the physical-digital NFC seal integrated into the bottle with a smartphone. Information is transferred in the process – in this case a unique identification number and information about whether the seal is still intact. At its core is Authena’s blockchain-based technology, which makes the exclusive bottles virtually impossible to counterfeit by sealing them with an NFC seal. As soon as the bottle is opened and the seal is thus damaged, a corresponding message is displayed the next time the NFC tag is interacted with.

According to the announcement, this technical solution is offered to customers «maximum security» and at the same time enable «permanent interaction» between the parties involved via the associated app.«The new crypto technology promises a new level of security for top global products. Our blockchain-based technology in conjunction with digital-analog seals makes product counterfeiting economically unscalable worldwide and therefore unprofitable»Matteo Panzavolta, CEO of Authena, is quoted as saying.

Each of the special editions of strictly limited to 60 bottles «Karl Locher’s 60 – founding anniversary reserve» is deposited with an NFT. In this particular case, the authenticity and proof of ownership of 1/60 of the 60-part image from Appenzell by Martin Fuchs is shown with NFT.

The associated NFT image and the respective bottle are inextricably linked, entered into the crypto-wallet in a tamper-proof manner and are therefore the sole property of the owner of the associated bottle. All owners of this edition become members of an exclusive circle of friends at the Locher brewery. As a member, you receive invitations to events, visits, special offers and subscriptions. (pd/hour)

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