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How it works?
Which investments are suitable for this?


What does financial freedom mean to you and what does it cost?

An example
The investment comparison

What would it be like if you could live where you want, how you want and be able to decide your life in complete freedom?

How would you live if you didn’t have to work tomorrow and you could just decide which plane to hop on? If instead of driving to work, you could walk barefoot to the beach to start the day with a freshly squeezed orange juice?

It is up to you alone when you change your life and shape it the way you want and dream about it. If you really want it, there are no excuses, no hesitation, and no waiting—you owe it to yourself to live the biggest, most excellent life you can imagine. It’s your life and you only have one!

How it works?

Build a fixed income that does not depend on your presence or work – you only have 24 hours in a day and cannot share it.

Once you find the right type of income, make sure your income exceeds your expenses. Very easy.

Repeat the step until you reach your financial freedom.

Besides, most of the rich and super-rich people on the planet have one goal: absolute freedom

The smart cars, airplanes and villas come by themselves and above all the freedom to enjoy them.

Which investments are suitable for this?property

An investment in real estate is stable, valuable and solid.

Real estate creates a quasi-passive income. Almost passively, since a property is often associated with a great effort if the tenants do not quite correspond to the ideal or behave differently in hindsight than previously assumed.

A larger property pool helps to reduce the risk of individual failure.

But with any financing, the time after the fixed rate should be taken into account and ideally recorded contractually so as not to experience a rude awakening after it expires.


The world’s biggest investors in particular swear by it high dividend paymentsand it allows for passive income. The big challenge here is just finding the ideal stock companies and also diversifying them widely, in case an industry is no longer generating the expected income and the dividend payments are lower or completely absent.


With mining, the security technology of the blockchain is made available with the mining servers. Without mining servers, the blockchain cannot existno transaction needs to be verified and executed, hence the need for mining servers and services will always be there in the future.

With mining, you operate as many servers as possible with a reliable provider and receive your earnings every day.

With the right provider, it’s passive income and can be used anywhere in the world, no matter where you live or what you do.

Crypto-mining is the unique investment opportunity that offers exceptionally high returns, exciting amortization opportunities and security all at once. You don’t deposit money somewhere, you buy real hardware and it works around the clock for the best possible return.

What does financial freedom mean to you and what does it cost?

It helps a lot if you take a piece of paper and a pen, maybe a glass of red wine, and just think about it and write down what you want to achieve, experience and own.

An example

I want a life in a sunny place and I don’t want to work for it anymore (so no more 9-5 job).

A house in the south of Spain costs around 2000 euros per month, of course depending on the equipment.

With living expenses and pocket money, you can quickly reach an additional 2-3000 euros per month. Let’s say a total of 8,000 euros per month (you also need a buffer to visit family in cold Germany).

And now you simply calculate how much money you need to get this 8,000 euros per month using the respective returns on your investment.

The investment comparison

  1. If it Property investment 6% return in the year brings, then you must have a property inventory of 1.6 million euros.
  2. German stocks from Dax has on average in 2022 approx. 4% dividend yearly paid. If you then choose Germany as the investment location for your shares, you must spend approx. 2.4 million euros.
  3. in cryptomining it is advisable to place yourself broadly and not to put everything on one card. This is currently at approx. 3.75% return per month, not per year. To receive 8,000 euros per month with this, you must have an investment 213,334 euros.

Ok, that sounds all well and good, but how do you come up with these amounts when you don’t have any money?

You can find a suitable affiliate program for any investment on the Internet and work your way up with your personal diligence. If you combine this use with effective use of Google/Instagram Marketing and Co, then you will very quickly get significant commission payments and can use them to build your investment package.

Depending on the investment choice, things will go faster or slower.

If you want to build your wealth fast, start doing something about it today.

It all starts with a wish which turns into a goal which results in an idea and a plan and if you START now this plan will become a reality. It’s just a good idea and there’s no point in doing anything about it.

Start now and start your journey to a successful life and do something about it every single day – don’t stop until you reach your goal, be your personal bull terrier for success and be damn happy and successful! You deserve nothing else.

We are happy to help you and are currently implementing our Partner Academy – a success school for our partner program, for our affiliates. We show and help our partners how they can earn a lot of money with cryptomining, be it as a commission or with the mining itself.

There are still places available at the academy, but only for real doers. You can register for free at

But it’s not free:

It takes diligence and commitment to be successful. Not a penny less.

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