hw.design: Shaping the future together

How has your business developed over the past months? Is there anything special you can learn from the corona crisis for your company?

Frank Wagner: From a very comfortable position we have learned that nothing is as constant as change. As a leading design agency for corporate experiences within branding and communication, it is in our genes to handle our customers’ constantly new needs and to have empathy in the most diverse industries. Due to Corona and the ongoing unstable situation in the world, we use the opportunities of change and accompany our customers on these journeys.

What is your agency’s recipe for success?

Wagner: For hw.design, the strategic foundation is as important as the conceptual idea, high-quality implementation and of course the use of creative technology. We share this claim in our network, which has grown over many years, with trustworthy and experienced partners – specialists in their respective fields – who we integrate into our projects in a scalable and agile way depending on the challenge.

How do your employees stay curious and innovative? And what does management do to promote it?

Wagner: Our magazine “nomad” revolves around the topics of New Design Culture, Creative Visionaries, Eco Entrepreneurs & Purpose Driven Economy. Dealing with these subjects determines our existence; they are the daily engine of our work.

We travel a lot, meet a lot of good people and experience fascinating things. Our culture encourages creative exchange and we like to encourage each other. Our office in the heart of Munich-Schwabing serves as a meaningful place where exactly this potential can develop.

What is hw.design’s greatest strength? And dare you reveal a weakness?

Wagner: Our employees, who never stand still and whose inexhaustible creativity fills hw.design with life, are our strength. Maybe we are sometimes too precise.

What do you do in order not to miss the technological connection in the digitized world?

Wagner: Due to our open way of working in the network, we receive constant input and inspiration – from inside and outside. We feel more in the driver’s seat here than afraid of missing out.

What makes the company particularly successful with existing customers?

Wagner: Reliability, trust and empathy.

And what is your success factor for creating new business?

Wagner: On the one hand, the deep study of the company’s subjects as well as the ability to create fascinating design and branding to shape their path to a valuable future and to develop their full potential.

What are you doing to improve the service?

Wagner: We depend on a long-term, very close relationship between our clients and the consultants who suit them. We do not have constantly changing project managers. Everyone should feel understood; you want to grow together. Thereby, we flexibly reflect the tools and programs that our customers also use internally to provide them with effective support.

Please give an example of how your company provides service.

Wagner: We have a customer who continuously moves directly in with us in an annually recurring, time-critical project phase. We then sit in the same room with the customer for a longer period of time and can therefore complete the project successfully with a very short coordination process, which is traditionally celebrated afterwards.

What are you doing to position yourself as an attractive employer? What do you offer current and future employees?

Wagner: We have largely opened up our work culture. Remote working and flexible working hours are as much a part of our everyday life as many additional attractive programs, such as work or sabbaticals. And every employee gets a day off for their birthday.

Much more important to us, however, is our work culture, the big picture that we believe in. Here at hw.design, the topic “Responsibility for a valuable future” comes first. This theme, which we all believe in and which unites us, is reflected in all areas of our work. This shows in the way we treat each other, in the highest visual standards, but also in the personal responsibility with which our employees also take care of cross-cutting issues.

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