Green stocks or green coins? IMPT dominates the crypto market!

Green investment: green shares or green coins?

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword for positive PR. The sustainability aspect has come to the financial market thanks to the efforts of the EU. And with IMPT also on the crypto market.

Financial advisers in Germany are now even legally obliged to educate their clients about sustainable investments and to make appropriate offers.

  • The EU specifies ESG standards for investments
  • Green coins are dominating the headlines in the crypto market
  • Green stocks have performed well above average
  • IMPT is one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies in 2022

The federal environmental agency has investigated how sustainable investments have affected the financial market. Their share has increased significantly, as can be seen from the graph below. In Germany in particular, investors favor sustainable assets to inspire.

In the “Market Report on Sustainable Investments 2022” from the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG), one of the core messages is that private investors when it comes to sustainable funds have already tripled their investment volume.

The consultants at KMPG summarize this under “Sustainable Finance and ESG”. Put simply, this means that investors must be informed about the aspects of sustainability when deciding for or against a form of investment.

ESG standards set new benchmarks in the financial industry

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According to KMPG, customer demand for investments that focus on sustainability is increasing.

In the EU’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan, 10 packages of measures were defined, which include uniform definitions and standards for sustainable investments in Germany. According to KPMG, the EU’s goal is to redirect 180 billion euros annually to sustainable investments such as IMPT by 2030.

We are currently observing that sustainability is becoming the new mainstream,” says Christian Klein, professor of sustainable finance at the University of Kassel.

Green stocks or green coins?

Both green stocks and green coins comply with ESG standards for sustainable investments. on green shares However, this trend has been around much longer than in the crypto market. This kind of investment is completely new there. As the most sustainable cryptocurrency in 2022, IMPT has proven itself in the crypto market.

To Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen has identified the key factors responsible for the massive growth of ESG investment strategies. EU requirements and the growing demand for sustainable investments are already affecting areas such as risk management, reporting, investment decisions and controls.


Green stocks are popular and environmental technologies are on the rise. As so-called environmental stocks, green stocks have existed for a long time. Environmental warehouses are, for example, warehouses in companies that produce in an environmentally friendly way or do without PVC and tropical wood.

However, there is no fixed standard when a share is an environmental share. So virtually any share can be called a green share.

Green coins, as sustainable cryptocurrencies are also called, has reached the public eye at least since the horror reports about the enormous power consumption of Bitcoin. Entire countries, states and regions have been reported to be powered by Bitcoin mining.

It is undisputed that proof-of-work uses a lot of energy, and there is no doubt that society needs to pay more attention to such criteria.

Of course, the Bitcoin forecast also takes into account these aspects, as well as other factors and key figures, via an increased awareness of climate protection in the analysis. Bitcoin, in particular, is constantly blamed and has few arguments to appease critics.

More details about IMPT forecast allows investors to learn more about the most sustainable cryptocurrency in 2022. Naturally, the aspects of climate protection are in the foreground.

Sustainability is a key investment criterion

It is of fundamental interest to the crypto industry to act sustainably. To counter the claims of high energy consumption, Ethereum has just completed the switch to proof-of-stake.

This uses 99.5% less energy and heralds the new age of the second largest cryptocurrency under Ethereum 2.0. The Ethereum forecast provides information on the possible further course of issue 2 and of course also sheds light on the energy consumption of the new consensus procedure.

Although climate change and its possible effects have been scientifically discussed for decades, the players in the crypto market have only been actively trying to offer sustainable investments since this year.

But come on IMPTthe most sustainable cryptocurrency 2022, new financial products on the market. Nevertheless, the share of specifically sustainable investments in the crypto space is still manageable.

All the better that there are teams and developers who as in the case of IMPT, dedicate to these important issues and do not prioritize profit maximization.


If you look at the graphic from the Federal Environment Agency, it is clear that people consider climate protection to be important, and for 16% the importance of climate protection is even more important than before the Corona crisis. There is a great desire among investors for changes in relation to sustainability, also in the financial market.

The importance of the EU’s emissions trading system ETS

The EU has an ambitious climate strategy and wants to achieve Net Zero. By 2030, 55% of emissions must be eliminated, and CO2 neutrality must be achieved by 2050.

To this end, the pace of annual emission reduction is also increasing, this measure had already led to 35% less greenhouse gas emissions. However, this will also lead to increasing prices per CO₂ certificate. that Early investors in IMPT especially participate in this because they buy the IMPT coin at low prices in pre-sale.

In particular, companies in the oil and gas, cement, steel, chemical and aviation sectors are tied to CO₂ certificates to reflect their balance sheets in terms of the actual value of their assets.

The companies get certificates for this, which they either get for free or they have to get them through campaigns or on the open market. The possibility of obtaining the certificates on the open market in particular is an opportunity for private investors in IMPT to make high-return investments.

Europe-wide emissions trading is a role model for other countries because the EU is considered a global pioneer in CO₂ pricing. In 2026 and 2028, another emissions trading system with certificates must be introduced step by step. According to experts, petrol, diesel and heating oil will then become even more expensive.

Handelsblatt has calculated that fuel prices could rise by a further 5 øre per liter as a result. On the other hand, these price increases also lead to better Return options at IMPT.

What is IMPT?

The IMPT platform is already dedicated to the topic of emissions trading and has opened the market to private investors for the first time. Based on blockchain technology, a platform has been created on which customers can trade CO₂ certificates.

As an additional, extraordinary feature, more than 10,000 brands and products known worldwide are available, which users of the IMPT platform rate based on their commitment to climate protection projects. In the end, they choose exactly the projects that they think are the most Impact has on climate protection.

But it is about much more than a conventional shopping portal, because users can choose the stores based on the environmental projects they support. IMPT just got it Announced partnership with Amazon, which has led to a rapid sell-out of the first pre-sales phase.

Users choose their favorite environmental protection projects and thus support the companies’ initiatives. In addition, they receive new IMPT coins for purchase.

But the real advantage lies in private trading of CO₂ certificates, because users not only have the option of increasing prices beneficial. You can take allowances from the market by “burning”.

“The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is one of the EU’s main tools to mitigate climate change and is the first CO2– market in the world. It aims to create an effective mechanism to reduce emissions. As part of the EU ETS, companies must buy emission allowances for their CO2-buy emissions.”

If there are fewer certificates on the market, companies can buy fewer emission rights. If the offer is lower, the price per certificate usually increases automatically. As a reward for burning their CO2 credits, users will receive artist-designed NFTs that can be traded through NFT marketplaces.

The native IMPT coin is actually a utility token that provides access to the platform and acts as an investment. In pre-sales, now phase 2, the token is available particularly cheaply. It is pegged to the USDT stablecoin, which reduces its volatility and keeps it more stable in value than traditional cryptocurrencies.

German investors had a total of €620 billion in funds as of December 2021 sustainability functions. To heavy growth According to the German fund association BVI, this is reflected in the net inflow of funds from open-end funds, where more than half of the new business can be attributed to products with sustainability features.

Source: book_2022_RZ_Webversion.pdf

What does IMPT offer?

✅Trade in CO₂ certificates for private investors

✅Artist designed NFT

✅Selection of innovative climate protection projects

✅Rewards for supporting projects

✅ Statutory increasing prices for certificates

IMPT NFT Marketplace

Buy IMPT – Instructions

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet or MetaMask and then set it up

Step 2: Top up your wallet, either with fiat or with other cryptocurrencies

Step 3: Now buy ETH and switch to USDT to proceed to step 4

Step 4: Connect the wallet to IMPT to claim the utility token IMPT

Conclusion: Green stocks and green coins are good forms of investment for investors who want to be aware of sustainability. First of all, one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies IMPT, which Investor CO2-certificates, gives the market new peak values. Unfortunately, there is so far no uniform standard for green stocks, so investors should take a closer look before investing.

Green coins are not automatically all cryptocurrencies that dispense with energy-intensive mining. Sustainable cryptocurrencies do not focus on maximizing profits, but concrete measures for climate or environmental protection.

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