Green Cryptocurrency IMPT Raises $11 Million How To Still Get Early Pricing

Within about 4 weeks, IMPT already received 11 million USD in pre-sales. Now the first pre-sale phase has ended and the price of a token is increasing. In this article you will find out how to buy the coins and what is behind the project.


Green cryptocurrency is in high demand

Only 22 days after the start of the IMPT presale, the project broke the 9 million USD mark, a day later it was already 10 million USD that the project had raised with the sale of its tokens. Now the first phase has actually been completed ahead of time. The rapid achievement of milestones reflects the high demand for IMPT. The reason for the rush is probably the general topic that the project brings with it. With IMPT, the greenest cryptocurrency ever could be created.

More than 571 million of the total 600 million available tokens have already been sold. This completes the first phase. Buyers who still want to secure low prices should be quick. In the second phase, tokens already cost 0.023 USD. The price is likely to rise further.

However, the high demand can also be the result of the dynamically designed pre-sale, in each of the phases the price of the IMPT coins increases.

IMPT potential thanks to partner shop

A partner shop will soon be set up on the IMPT website, which will enable customers to do something good for the environment through online shopping. Users are redirected to the partner’s website by IMPT. After purchase, a certain percentage of the purchase amount goes into CO2 compensation flow. The companies themselves decide how much they want to donate to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) projects.

IMPT Partners

At the same time, the private users of the store earn IMPT tokens when they shop. In return, they can use this to create a CO themselves2 Buy a certificate and offset your emissions.

For this store, the project has entered into over 10,000 partnerships. Among others, Udemy, Britannica, Bodega, Glukos, Restflix and Calzedina are there. Now Amazon also joins the ranks of IMPT partners.

The companies are thus entering into a partnership with one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies. IMPT aims to be socially responsible and encourage companies and well-known brands to offset their carbon footprint.

Due to the connection to ESG, IMPT may already have a great potential to prove itself in the crypto market. According to Bloomberg, the ESG market is expected to grow particularly strongly:

“Global ESG assets are on track to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, representing more than a third of the projected total assets under management of $140.5 trillion.”

What makes IMPT so sustainable?

The developers of IMPT want to achieve the goal of environmental protection by selling CO2– Obtain certificates. They integrate sales on blockchain technology, bringing carbon offsets to the crypto world. The balancing through the certificates is available to both companies and private customers. The prices for compensation should be as high for companies as for private customers.

The developers protect themselves and the sale of CO2 Compensations by integrating NFTs. This makes each certificate unique and cannot be stolen or copied. At the same time, both sides are offered a high degree of transparency.

IMPT Start

The used CO2 Compensations can be burned by the users themselves, giving them a collectible NFT. It is also possible to list the credit on the IMPT marketplace. There it can be traded as a financial asset.

The IMPT developers describe the functions of the future and their vision for the project in their white paper:

“Another unique feature of is that it enables every individual and organization to measure their impact on the environment. We will build a social platform that allows everyone to get an score so everyone can monitor how impactful they are.

The platform will use Impact Points – the points awarded to both companies and consumers for their positive contribution to climate change.

As a result, will be a unique solution that will enable users to not only reduce their carbon footprint and help the planet, but also track their impact.”

Those who support the project also help the environment and do something to fight climate change. Environmentalists should be happy about that, the crypto market may also change as a result of the IMPT project. However, critics see CO2 Compensation pure greenwashing.

You feel the compensation of CO2 emissions like a drop in the ocean. They would like to explain that it would be easier and more efficient to reduce emissions. According to them, the environment would be better if carbon dioxide was not produced in the first place. With its creation, IMPT becomes part of these criticized companies. Nevertheless, the environmental protection factor remains, and the developers are dealing with climate change.

How to buy IMPT tokens

If you have decided to buy an IMPT token, here is a beginner friendly guide.

IMPT Home new

Step 1:

First visit the official website. Even crypto newbies get a simple overview of what phase the project is in at the moment. You can also see the current IMPT token price.

Now connect your existing wallet to the website. If you don’t have a crypto wallet, you can integrate one into your browser in minutes. The important thing is that you choose an ETH based wallet.

Step 2:

Once you’re connected to your wallet, you can start buying. First, buy ETH or USDT and send it to your wallet. If you don’t want to pay with coins, you can also pay for your IMPT tokens with a credit card.

In the trading window, select the desired payment method. Now enter how many tokens you would like to buy or how many tokens you want to exchange. The charges incurred will be shown to you.

Step 3:

Complete the purchase by clicking the “Trade” button. You will now see a confirmation of the purchase.

You can only claim tokens some time after the presale is completed. These will be blocked from trading for a minimum of three months, but a maximum of 15 months. You can only send your tokens to your wallet after this period.

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