These are the 5 best crypto documentaries

Previously, when ARD, ZDF and Co. reported on Bitcoin, horror often followed in the crypto space. But this year it became clear that crypto is no longer just a marginal phenomenon in the German media landscape. The mainstream public broadcasters also produced reports on the subject of Bitcoin and Co. and did their part in the educational work.

“In the past, the topic of crime financing and high power consumption was often discussed, but the possible utility of crypto-assets was often not asked at all,” explains Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner of the Frankfurt School’s Blockchain Center, who himself has contributed to several broadcasts as a crypto expert, told BTC-ECHO.

“Meanwhile, the media in Germany is starting to deal intensively with the question of where the advantages and disadvantages are,” says Sandner. The result is “increasingly balanced reporting”.

1. The History of Bitcoin’s Founding and the Mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto (Arte)

“Freedom must be won again and again. And that is what we are fighting for’. It is especially the closing words in the report from the German-French cultural broadcaster Arte that give the documentary a nice expression.

The six-part video series reconstructs the history of Bitcoin and sheds light on the unsolved mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In a (largely fictional) monologue, the producers bring to life the pseudonym behind Bitcoin’s invention. Among other things, the economic structure in which Bitcoin must find its place is explained. In turn, interviews with experts on the subject of cryptocurrencies are shown.

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2. Harald Lesch on Bitcoin, the gold standard and cryptoecology (ZDF)

In the nearly half-hour article, physics professor Harald Lesch goes in search of answers to the questions that are mainly asked by people without much prior knowledge in the crypto sector: Are Bitcoin and Co. pure speculation? Does this give us more control over our wealth? And what about the environmental discussion?

“Every coin has two sides – including cryptocurrency,” the documentation says at the beginning. And these two sides are thoroughly discussed in the post.

Lesch also meets people from the crypto space who give him various insights along the way. The article also contains explanatory units, for example, on the gold standard, the banking crisis, and Bitcoin mining.

For documentation go here.

3. Are cryptocurrencies better money? (type)

To answer this question, the article starts with the question: What is money anyway?

In what follows, the program addresses the history of trading, crypto adoption in El Salvador, the banking crisis and Bitcoin mining.

Producer Katja Döhne explains in her documentary from an economic, but also practical and, above all, accessible perspective, where money actually gets its value from, and what Bitcoin and Co. actually want to do better than the euro or the US dollar.

4. Crypto Trilogy of Bitcoin, NFTs and DAOs (BR)

Whether Bitcoin can live up to its “Bank the unbanked” philosophy is discussed and documented in a report by Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).

The first part of the crypto trilogy not only contains explanations of the economic background and mechanisms of our monetary system, but also shows, for example, conversations with Bitcoin lawyer Anita Posch and recordings of one of her projects in South Africa.

Meanwhile, part two deals with NFTs, the last post with DAOs.

All three parts can be seen here.

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5. Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim on Bitcoin and cryptobros – with a dose of humor (ZDF neo)

Science journalist and TV host Dr. In her show MAITHINK X, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim discusses whether Bitcoin could represent an alternative monetary system

“We will look behind the facade of strange cryptobros, at an alternative money system,” the introduction to the show reads. Rightly so: there are not too few controversial personalities in the crypto space – as in other sectors – and do not make it easy for the industry, which is already indifferent to some.

Nguyen-Kim mixes the technical complexity behind cryptocurrencies and financial relationships with a good dose of fun – thus making the subject accessible.

A Critical Examination of Bitcoin and Co. is also included in the article. Finally, Nguyen-Kim takes stock: “Bitcoin is not a good alternative to the current banking system.” Viewers can still learn something.

You can watch the broadcast here.

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