Increase your Bitcoin and Shiba Inu tenfold in just 1 month

Downtrend continues for most cryptocurrencies. Leading coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu and Apecoin have also not been spared. The market also emerges in this quarter particularly volatile. As a result, the question arises as to what is the best strategy to deal with the current market.

A way that enables high and reliable returns on both fiat funds and cryptocurrencies, is an ArbiSmart (fiat and) crypto wallet. More and more crypto owners are turning to Arbi’s interest-bearing wallets, which have grown in popularity, especially in the last quarter. With such a wallet you can enjoy a stable, relatively risk-free passive income. It doesn’t matter which direction the market moves.

Here you can find out how it all works and whether you are also able to create high returns with ArbiSmart.

ArbiSmart is a wallet and financial services ecosystem that approved by the EU. The platform has quickly taken off. Since the beginning of September, the price of the in-house token has been RBIS by as much as 675% increased, and it is increasing even faster.

147% profit per year

The Arbi-Smart wallet offers a high degree of flexibility. she supports 25 different currencies, including popular coins such as BTC, ETH, SHIB, MANA and GALA, as well as leading fiat currencies such as EUR, US Dollar and GBP. In addition, funds can be locked in an interest-bearing savings for periods from one or three months to two, three or five years. The longer the plan runs, the higher the interest income.

Earn passively with your capital through ArbiSmart’s locked savings plans – An image of ArbiSmart.

With an ArbiSmart wallet you can up to 147% interest earn per year. How much depends entirely on your account level, which is based on the amount of RBIS you have on your ArbiSmart wallet. Account levels go from Beginner to Intermediate to Expert and finally Elite. If you buy more RBIS, you increase your account level and you get a higher interest rate on your Bitcoin, Euro or other supported currency balance. You also get it at higher levels compound interest.

The interest rates paid for all currencies are wide more than a hundred times higher than those paid by banks. You get up though Balance in RBIS tokens much higher interest than on deposits in any other FIAT or cryptocurrency.

3 interest types

How can you start making money with ArbiSmart?

You simply sign up for the platform and deposit fiat funds or cryptocurrencies. After that you must at least 1,000 RBIS buy, thereby your account unlocked the entry level. At this level, you are entitled to receive interest on, for example, your Bitcoin or Euro savings. RBIS can be purchased through a crypto exchange or through the RBIS Management tab in the ArbiSmart Dashboard.

Then go to the Earn Interest tab to get your first to open a savings plan. First, select a currency and an end date for your plan. Then you have to decide how you want to receive your daily interest.

The first option is to simply pay out the interest. The next option would be the daily interest added to the balance of the blocked savings plan. It gives you a higher interest rate. The last option with the highest interest rate is to have the daily interest paid into RBIS and added to the blocked balance. If you get the interest paid on the blocked savings balance, this remains with the capital suspended until the plan expires.

A woman is seen presenting several browser windows.  These show how to earn interest income with ArbiSmart - An image of ArbiSmart.
You can earn money while you sleep with the interest on your balance at Arbi – An image of ArbiSmart.

Finally, you have to choose how much you want to pay into your savings plan and already from you earn interest from day one.

Finally, choose how much you want to put into your savings and start earning interest from day one.

Virtually risk-free

Now let’s take a look at how interest works at ArbiSmart. How is it financed, why are they so generous across the industry and how does ArbiSmart minimize the risk?

Arbi relies on an automated investment strategy called crypto arbitrage. It should be relatively risk-free. In crypto arbitrage, profit is made from the short periods that a crypto asset trades several crypto exchanges at different prices are on offer at the same time. These temporary price differences between crypto exchanges have many different reasons. For example, trading volume or liquidity between exchanges of different sizes could be the reason for this. These differences also occur regularly in bull and bear markets.

ArbiSmart’s fully automated trading software is Connected to almost 40 crypto exchanges. The algorithm searches Around the clock according to price differences. The system can execute hundreds of trades simultaneously (in a split second). So it never misses an opportunity and can exploit any discrepancy, no matter how small. To put it simply: the algorithm buys a crypto token at the lowest available price and then directly sells the same token again at the highest available price before the temporary price difference disappears. The difference between buying and selling is the profit.

Several smaller browser windows are seen that visualize automated trading with the ArbiSmart crypto arbitrage algorithm - An image of ArbiSmart.
ArbiSmart Arbitrage Algorithm Never Misses an Opportunity – An image of ArbiSmart.

37x price increase

The ArbiSmart wallet has maintained under all market conditions and consistently generates profits for its users. Users can even calculate how much they want to earn before depositing. This has made the wallet very popular. Unlike RBIS, the prices of most tokens in the crypto market are still falling, which has attracted even more investors to RBIS. Another reason is Interest expensesthe owners of at least 1,000 RBIS on their balance in ArbiSmart savings schemes receive.

As the demand for RBIS tokens increases, the supply decreases, which is limited forever. It will no new tokens mined. More and more RBIS are withdrawn from general circulation to be invested in blocked savings schemes. The new ArbiSmart services that will be introduced soon, all require possession of RBIS tokensto be used. This is likely to worsen the supply/demand ratio further in the coming months.

For the last quarter of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, ArbiSmart has The launch of a number of new services is planned. This includes:

  • One apartment for buying, storing and exchanging cryptos.
  • One collection unique ArbiSmart Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
  • ONE NFT Marketplace for safe buying and selling of all types of NFTs.
  • An innovative one DeFi protocolwhich gives dividend farmers the opportunity to borrow money and provide (borrow) liquidity.
  • A professional crypto exchange.
  • ONE Play-To-Earn Metaverse with RBIS as game currency. There, users can buy, develop and sell virtual properties to generate RBIS.
You see a man with a laptop in front of a presentation.  Many small browser windows showing the various new services coming to ArbiSmart appear on the canvas - An image of ArbiSmart.
A host of new features will be added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem over the next few months. – A picture of ArbiSmart.

All of these services not only require RBIS to be used, but they also provide the RBIS owner special benefits. For example, reduced fees on the crypto exchange when the fee is paid with the internal token RBIS. Moreover, they are All services are connected, so that an NFT purchased from ArbiSmart does not only serve as an investment in digital art. It also gives the NFT owner additional bonus points, which increase the annual percentage yield (APY) on yield farming in the DeFi protocol.

While bitcoin is still flat at around $20,000 per coin, RBIS continues to rise in value. He has been alone for the past week increased by almost 100%. The ArbiSmart ecosystem will continue to expand with new products and services in the coming months. That is likely to increase the RBIS price even more. The increasing use of RBIS will cause an even greater increase in the token price as demand exceeds supply. In fact, analysts are currently predicting that the token price of RBIS by the end of 2022 to 20 times and until the end of 1. quarter 2023 to 37 times of the current value will increase.

As a result, in addition to attractive interest rates on their savings, ArbiSmart wallet holders could also earn large capital gains from the rising RBIS token value.

promotion: For three days after publication of this item, ArbiSmart is offering a limited-time offer. Anyone who opens a Wallet Savings within this 72-hour period will receive 1,000 points credited to his account level. This automatically gives you entry level 1 account status and unlocks interest on savings plans without having to buy RBIS first.

You will see several windows with content related to ArbiSMart, a 1,000 point popup and a clock that says 72 hours.  In front of it sits a man with a laptop - A picture of ArbiSmart.
Only 3 days: 1,000 points for your account level for free if you sign up now and get started – An image of ArbiSmart.

To get your free 1,000 points gift, open your ArbiSmart wallet today!

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