E-scooters with a focus on convenience

Love them or hate them, it doesn’t change the fact that e-scooters are now a big part of our lives. And this applies not only to rental scooters that are subject to a fee, but also to those that we buy privately for our own pleasure. One of the more well-known technology manufacturers when it comes to e-scooters, e-scooters and e-bikes is Niu Technologies. In 2022, he presented his new e-scooter, the Niu KQi3 Sport. We subjected the vehicle to an extensive test and revealed its strengths and weaknesses.

Niu KQi3 Sport in the test: comfortable heavyweight

As a starting point, the sports variant is the cheapest model in the KQi3 series – next to the Pro and Max Visually, however, the electric scooters hardly differ from each other apart from the color and that can be both good and bad. Because while the kick scooter cuts a good figure, it can be interpreted by some as quite large and unwieldy. At least when KQi3 is closed.

When the Niu scooter is unfolded, the large size ensures a wide and long tread and thus enough comfort for longer trips. According to the manufacturer, the KQi3 Sport should be able to cover distances of up to 40 km. However, this laboratory value was measured at an average speed of 15 km/h, a temperature of 25 °C and a load of 75 kg. In everyday life, the range could therefore be significantly lower, especially since the maximum driver weight is indicated at 120 kg. This is no different with other e-scooters.

In addition to the tread, an extremely simple folding mechanism and a powerful dual-drive disc brake also contribute to comfort. In addition: the Pro and Max scooters have disc brakes both front and rear. The Niu KQi3 Sport, on the other hand, has “only” a recovery brake (energy recovery) at the rear. Now for the Halo headlight: This has good brightness and covers a large area; and there is nothing wrong with the brake lights either. The same goes for the blade, which certainly serves its purpose, but is the only element that is anything but valuable and could have come from any 1-euro shop instead.

Functional scope and technology of Niu KQi3 Sport

Niu KQi3 Sport is a smart scooter. Meaning: In addition to silly driving, the e-scooter also offers smartphone connectivity. For this purpose, the manufacturer has designed its own app, which is already required during the initial setup. Fortunately, its handling is very intuitive and extremely simple. In the settings, users can set the performance level of energy recovery or select the driving mode, also called the maximum speed. The latter is also possible on a user-defined basis, whereby the maximum set in this country of 20 km/h must not be exceeded. Although the electric motor could in principle transport the driver at up to 25 km/h. In addition, the app functions as a cockpit or on-board computer and offers live data on one side and driving statistics on the other.

The operation of the e-scooter itself is just as simple and practical. Users have only one button at their disposal, which turns on the Niu KQi3 Sport with a long press and then activates the headlight or changes the driving mode, depending on the number of presses. The electric scooter also has a display that, among other things, shows the speed in km/h and the battery level in steps of 20.

Technical data at a glance:

  • Housing (open): 1,173 x 1,202 x 542 millimeters
  • Case (folded): 1,173 x 504 x 542 millimeters
  • Weight: 18.4 kg
  • Range: 40 km
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Nominal power: 300 watts
  • Maximum power: 600 watts
  • Battery: 365Wh
  • Charging time: 5 hours

Strengths and weaknesses of the Niu KQi3 Sport

The strength of the Niu KQi3 Sport is undoubtedly the convenient handling (also with regard to the Niu app) and the generously dimensioned tread surface. The processing quality is also at a high level and leaves nothing to be desired. The regenerative brake, which makes the front disc brake almost redundant at the highest level, is also practical. In addition, the 9.5 inch wide pneumatic tires provide quite good shock absorption so that you are not shaken excessively when you are off the asphalt.

In addition, the new e-scooter offers locking and an alarm system. If the KQi3 Sport is moved in this mode, the tires will lock and an alarm will sound. If you want to steal the scooter, you have to pull it back for better or for worse. Of course, the system is not a full replacement for a lock.

However, the front dual disc brake was mainly noticed negatively. After a short drive in light drizzle on tarmac, some dirt got into the brakes and gave metallic grinding noises. Although the problem was relatively easy to fix, a better protection mechanism – such as additional, longer or more strategically placed fenders – would undoubtedly have been beneficial. Especially since the scooter is IP54 certified and is therefore also intended for use in less than sunny weather. It also takes about five seconds for the electric scooter to start up again after you briefly take your finger off the rotary handle. And the new sports model is not too light or handy either.


The Niu KQi3 Sport is an excellent e-scooter that is convincing in terms of both hardware and software. In both areas, the extremely pleasant handling can primarily be highlighted. However, the kickscooter only seems to be suitable for rainy weather to a limited extent. Price: 699 euros.

Advantages of Niu KQi3 Sport:

  • convincing performance
  • convenient use
  • handy app

Cons of Niu KQi3 Sport:

  • only partially equipped for bad weather
  • slow acceleration after braking
  • quite hard

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