Dishwasher tabs in the test: Expensive brands damage dishes

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Dishwasher tabs in the test: Expensive brands damage dishes

29.10.2022, 21:38

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Dishwasher or hand wash: which is more economical?

Dishwasher or hand wash: which is more economical?

Many people currently prefer to skip the dishwasher and wash by hand to save energy. But is it really more economical to wash dishes by hand? We clarify!

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The expensive branded products perform significantly worse in the test. Find out here which dishwashers are the best.

Berlin. Since September Inflation in Germany is in double digits – a sad record. The main reason is the still expensive energy prices, says Georg Thiel – the chairman of the Federal Statistical Office (destatic). “However, we are increasingly observing price increases for many other goods, especially food,” the authority said in a statement. In many households, the subject of savings therefore becomes all the more important.

Dishwashers from well-known brands destroy dishes – testers are amazed

It is a way to cheaper Private Label products instead of relying on well-known brands. And that the everyday products from Kaufland, Lidl and Co. in some cases too qualitative can be a good choice, it shows sample to dishwasher tabs Stiftung Warentest all too clearly. Because in this respect, the own brands score not only with a good price-performance ratio.

The tests of Stiftung Warentest made a surprising discovery about some branded products: These dishwasher tabs are not only expensive but damaged in the test sometimes even the dishes. “Even the experienced testers at Stiftung Warentest were amazed by the results of the material protection test,” reads a statement from the consumer organization.

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Expensive dishwashers discolor plates – rating “poor”

The consumer portal CHIP reported that some of the expensive dishwashers discolored the dishes. Concrete is discolored Cutlerybrown discoloration in the machine basket and extreme toppings on it dishes the speech, writes for the product test by the Stiftung Warentest. From the following brand-Consumers should therefore keep their hands away from the tabs of the dishwasher:

  • All in one from Ecover
  • Powerball All in 1 0% of finish
  • Glue dishwashing tabs off frog
  • Domol Dishwasher Tabs 12 in 1 from Rossmann

Stiftung Warentest assessed all four products as unsatisfactory in the detergent test. On the other hand, there are supermarkets’ and discounters’ significantly cheaper own brands, which score well in the test. Although none of the products have Top grade 1.0 achieved, all test winners are dead Stiftung Warentest but consistently rated two (good) – the best own brands at a glance:

Good dishwashers don’t have to be expensive: Five products are convincing

  • W5 Dishwasher Tabs Multi-Power All in 1 from Lidl (2.1)
  • K-Classic Dishwasher Tabs All in 1 from Kaufland (2.1)
  • Domol Dishwasher Tabs Ultra Power All-in-one from Rossmann (2.1)
  • Denkmit dishwasher Multi-Power Revolution by dm (2.2)
  • All Alio dishwasher tablets from Aldi Nord & Süd (2.2)

Several users on Facebook calmly look at the results of the dishwasher tab test, instead they depend on powder, salt and fabric softener in dishwasher. “The dishwasher powder is much cheaper and dissolves better,” argues one user. “These all-in-one tabs are way too expensive,” adds another. In addition, dishwasher tabs are not suitable for everyone.

Conclusion on dishwasher tabs: when powder and co. is the better alternative

Especially in areas with a high degree of water hardness, the dishwasher’s tabs quickly reach their limits – here it can make sense to have several especially salt to put. Conversely in areas with low water hardness All in one tab redundant, as fewer chemicals are required here The bottom line: not for everyone consumer dishwasher tabs are suitable.

But if you want to do without powder, rinse aid and salt, you’d better use one test winner which promises not only good value for money, but also good quality. From an environmental point of view, however, powders and the like are preferable because they can be dosed individually and in that way do not pollute the environment as much as the finished all-in-one tabs. (fmg)

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