This is what a modern kitchen looks like: Design award for Winnenden kitchen studio Negele – Winnenden

What is important in modern kitchens? What trends are emerging in the industry? Andreas Negele from the kitchen studio of the same name in Winnenden should know: Negele has now won first prize in the “Global Kitchen Design Award” among 200 entries worldwide for the design of a kitchen in a private home in Stuttgart. He also revealed to our editors how much the winning kitchen cost.

Four ceramic cubes – and a proud prize for the extravagant kitchen

The “Global Kitchen Design Award” has been awarded by the German interior kitchen giant Leicht among its contractual partners since 2015. That Andreas Negele won with his planning against all light retailers worldwide makes him “very proud”, says the entrepreneur from Winnenden. Previously, the award often went to kitchens in villas abroad. This time, a Swabian is becoming a trendsetter: “Prices like this also play a role in the industry, as this is where trends are read,” explains Negele.

Architect Alfonso Sanchez Pina from Gensmantel designed the kitchen in a private apartment in Stuttgart. Negele and the Stuttgart client took over the detailed planning and selected the materials. “The special thing is that the four cubes are made of ceramic and look like individual blocks,” says Andreas Negele.

In the press release from the Leicht company, Andreas Negele is praised for his work: The planning shows “par excellence how the kitchen can seamlessly transition into as open a living space as possible. Cooking, living and working merge into one unit here.” The customer paid a lot for the “sensitive” planning and implementation: According to Negele, he paid around 45,000 euros for his new kitchen.

Andreas Negele: “Design plays a very important role – but so does function”

The Winnenden kitchen planner knows: “Design plays a very important role – but so does function. The challenge is to find the perfect solution here.” What helps: According to Andreas Negele, custom-made products can be easily implemented in the company’s own carpentry work.

What’s hot right now? “Kitchens in new buildings are almost always open these days and must therefore be seen and planned more as functional furniture,” explains Andreas Negele. In the winning kitchen, there was a strong focus on the design – “however, I coordinated the planning so that the kitchen is fully functional and the kitchen looks purist”. Modern kitchens are “very often without handles” – that’s how Negele also managed it in Stuttgart. And something else: “Black is becoming more and more common, both on white goods and on the fronts.” The option to control the kitchen via an app on a smartphone is also popular.

But how many people can still afford such kitchens? And isn’t the Winnenden company also affected by the various difficulties on the world market? “Prices have increased in our industry, as in most others, due to external influences and very strong demand in the last two years,” says Negele. He is currently recording a decline in new buildings due to the rise in prices and interest rates and the resulting uncertainty among customers. But: “We have increased the demand for remodeling and renovating kitchens again.”

Hard to get hold of: steam cooker, hood and microwave

As for the turbulence in the world market, the shortage of chips and the shortage of electrical components were particularly noticeable. “Unfortunately, the delivery of white goods is very unreliable,” says the expert, “some of us order the appliances six months in advance and they still don’t arrive on time for installation.” His kitchen studio therefore sometimes equips customers with rental appliances.

The hardest things to get at the moment are special hoods, steamers and microwaves. According to Andreas Negele, the kitchen itself currently has a delivery time of four months.

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