How to relax and save money with the 1 euro rule

Updated: 27/10/2022 – 12:23

Protection against unnecessary purchases
Save money: With the 1-euro rule, it’s almost automatic

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Is your checking account empty? With the 1 euro savings rule, this will no longer happen in the future.

Life in Germany has become quite expensive. Reason enough to reconsider your own expenses. But saving is not so easy. With the 1 euro method, you can accumulate a small fortune without difficulty.

Does your checking account bring tears to your eyes? Because due to the higher cost of living, there is currently a gaping void there? It doesn’t have to be, because there are many simple tricks you can use to build a solid financial buffer without difficulty. This includes the so-called 1-euro rule. Read here what exactly is behind it and how it works.

Save money: How the 1 euro rule works

Are you also one of those people who spend too much money on unnecessary things or make a bad purchase every now and then? To avoid such bad investments, you should definitely apply the 1 euro rule on your next shopping trip. This is super simple: the cost per use of all purchases that are not absolutely necessary should not amount to more than one euro per day.

Concretely, this means: A pair of shoes that you absolutely want costs 120 euros. Before you grab these and run to the checkout with them, you should ask yourself if you want to wear them at least 120 times. If you say no to the question, the purchase cannot be paid according to the 1 euro rule, and you can safely leave the shoes on the shelf. With this simple yet brilliant question, you will see the cost-benefit ratio every time you shop. This will give you a better understanding of the value of your purchases.

Would you like to save even more money? The 5 euro trick will help you with this

Another trick to save some money a month is the so-called five-euro trick. As the name suggests, with this savings measure you put aside every five-euro note that strays into your wallet. The genius of the trick is that the individual five euros usually don’t hurt, because you don’t really notice that the small amount is missing from the wallet. In contrast to the piggy bank: a significant amount is usually accumulated in a short time. But if you have very little money available for the month and you are missing the fives you have hidden in every nook and cranny, try it with a small amount. Even if you just put away all one or two euro coins, you will have a good sum at the end of the month.


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