Why this coin could explode

Cryptocurrencies, sustainability and climate protection are three terms that investors associate with each other. Bitcoin, the mother of all cryptocurrencies, whose power consumption and consequent CO₂ emissions are huge, is always in the crosshairs of environmental and climate protectionists. With IMPT.io, a project has now started that will prove that crypto tokens and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive, but on the contrary can complement each other wonderfully.

Why is bitcoin so energy intensive?

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and not much has changed since then, at least on the technical side. To verify transactions, BTC uses the Proof of Work consensus mechanism.

But what is Proof of Work and why does it use so much power? PoW is an algorithm that runs on the blockchain, in this case the Bitcoin blockchain. Adding new blocks to the blockchain requires solving very complicated and computationally intensive mathematical puzzles. This is called mining. Whoever solves the puzzle first gets the new block added to the blockchain and gets Bitcoin as a reward. Of course, the miners do this not on paper, with pencil and calculator, but with high-performance computers. Meanwhile, this has developed into a very lucrative industry, with data centers spread all over the world.

These data centers tend to be in countries that aren’t exactly known for using renewable energy, to put it mildly – ​​although that’s an argument Bitcoin fans keep citing. There are now even studies on the energy consumption of mining or bitcoin. CO₂ emissions from mining have increased 126 times since 2016.

Ethereum does better – but does not have the desired course success

Competitor and “eternal” number 2 Ethereum recognized the problem long ago and switched to the much less energy-intensive Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism in September 2022. However, investors reacted somewhat coldly to this, and instead of a price explosion, the crash followed.

IMPT proves – cryptos are also sustainable

With IMPT.io, a platform must be created that brings people and companies together who want to do something for their ecological footprint. IMPT.io would like to enable private individuals to trade emissions, i.e. trading CO₂ credits, and combine it with blockchain technology. This makes everything transparent and understandable, and fraud through double credits is practically impossible. The IMPT.io CO₂ credits are NFT, i.e. unique tokens.

Why CO₂ credits?

Each of us produces carbon dioxide. The gas is a product of our cellular respiration. The greenhouse gas is also produced in various combustion processes, for example with gas, petrol or kerosene. In fact, CO₂ has an important task in our atmosphere, it ensures that the heat cannot escape. But if the gas gets the better of it, it causes the so-called greenhouse effect.

In the past, plants, rainforests and oceans were able to offset the greenhouse gas. But industrialisation, marine and environmental pollution and deforestation have upset this delicate balance. World politics has now also recognized this, and it is reflected in the signing of the Kyoto Protocol. This introduced several emissions trading mechanisms.

In order to be allowed to emit CO₂ into the atmosphere at all, companies have to chew up emission credits (one credit = one ton of CO₂). The amount of CO₂ certificates is limited. Companies that do not need their CO₂ credits can sell them back. Until now, private investors have not been able to trade directly with CO2 certificates, but only via index certificates.

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IMPT.io NFT with multiple options

Investors have several options with NFT. It can either be held or traded on the marketplace, which must also be created on the platform. However, there is also the option of burning NFT to offset the ecological footprint. However, those who choose this variant do not leave empty-handed, but instead receive a collectible NFT, created by artists especially for the platform.

The platform with the green shopping app

The IMPT.io team has more features coming. These include a shopping app for which well-known affiliate partners have already been won, such as Amazon or Lego. A certain part of the sales margin is blocked and donated to non-profit organizations active in climate protection. Each company sets its own share. But even as a buyer, you don’t leave empty-handed, but receive rewards for each purchase via the app in the form of IMPT tokens, which you can then use to buy CO₂ credits.

More about IMPT.io, the app and the affiliate partners

The IMPT.io Token in Presale

The IMPT.io token is currently available for purchase in the Presale. The coin itself becomes the native token of the platform and – together with the CO₂ credits – the lynchpin. The first phase of the pre-sale has already been successfully completed. The second phase is underway. One token is available at an issue price of $0.023. The third phase will start when all 660,000,000 tokens in the second phase are sold out. One token costs $0.028 in the third and final phase.

Buy IMPT Tokens in PreSale

IMPT.io is reputable

The team behind the platform has now been verified by Coinsniper. This reduces the risk of a so-called “carpet pull” to zero. The contract code was also checked by hackers.

IMPT.io Coin Forecast

Of course, it is difficult for IMPT.io to make a well-founded forecast, as the coin is currently still in pre-sale. Battle Infinity and Tamadoge have proven how successful new cryptos can be. IMPT.io combines sustainability and cryptos – two absolute trending topics. It can therefore be assumed that the coin can become a success story.

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