The hype of a new project in the crypto scene has arrived

Investors know that hype leads to success in business crypto world contributes. Cryptocurrencies with little tangible value such as B. Dogecoin or Shiba Inu show significant increases in value over their lifetime. Without hype, most projects in the crypto industry die prematurely as both owners and developers lose interest when their grand vision is no longer seen by the masses.

This is why you should worry if tokens are on everyone’s lips without significant marketing support. One of these tokens is Metacade, a unique gaming experience that will delight anyone who tries it. Let’s find out why.

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Metacade is a new Metaverse project built in crypto scene causing a stir. It aims to become a virtual arcade where everyone who is passionate about Play2Earn can come together and discover the next best titles. However users can earn money for their active participation in GameFi. Metacade creates a self-supporting community at the forefront of the exciting Web3.

This is an important step for the crypto industry as it shows that the sector is growing rapidly. According to, Web3 is expected to grow exponentially by 2030. This is a impressive trend showing continuous growth of this cutting-edge technology. Metacade lists one Increase in investments and activities of the players and with its innovative ideas is well positioned to take advantage of this trend.

Metacade is focused on building a platform that offers everything Play2Earn and crypto enthusiasts need. They have the best GameFi alpha out there and it’s perfect for those who want to take full advantage of the features. You can connect with other users and find new opportunities while pursuing your interests. Metacade creates unique spaces such as Chat, Play, Learn and Work that adding value at every step. Currently, there is no single platform that meets Metacade’s needs as comprehensively as we would like.

Metacade is likely to work primarily in the gaming and crypto industry, as there are currently many challenges in this area, such as fraud and a lack of job openings. Metacade plans to award Metagrants where Developers chosen by the community, funded directly by the platform, rather than the usual venture-backed studio. This gives developers more control and incentive to create quality games and makes the platform more valuable for everyone involved.

Bringing gamers and game developers together

When developing Metacade, the focus is on the community. You can easily play with your friends or go on solo missions. Metacade is unique because it Connecting users and developers in a way that rarely happens in the real world. This makes it a powerful tool for developing innovative projects.

There are plans for testbeds, rating systems and leaderboards where players can provide direct feedback on what interests them and what aspects developers should prioritize. Participation in feedback is rewarded with the Metacade utility token, MCADE.

Players are rewarded

Metacade is committed to being sustainable and rewarding players for their involvement in game development. By using a reward model, players can be motivated to provide timely and constructive feedback on new Play2Earn games. The community testers receive compensation for their valuable feedback.

Funding Play2Earn games

At Metagrants, developers compete to be the most supportive of the Metacade community. With our new platform, you can get the same great rewards as on Kickstarter, but with the added advantage that you don’t have to wait several months for your project to be funded. Metacade will only fund the best ideas through a voting system on the platform. In this way, they ensure that the games that users want to play are funded.

We look forward to the great games Metacade publishes because they are made by users who are passionate about gaming, not just for financial gain.

The decentralized autonomous future

Metacade plans to cede control to the community and create a truly autonomous organization (DAO) that will be democratically governed. A treasury will be established to hold the Metacade community’s MCADE tokens, and The community will vote on the allocation of funds using their MCADE tokens.

Metacade takes extra precautions to ensure the safety of your funds through the use of multi-sig wallets. This is a common practice in crypto space, which ensures that two or more key holders must approve financial transactions. This creates a self-sufficient society with a secure economy that can continue to grow.

Metacade is doing everything they can to realize its vision of being a leading project in the Metaverse crypto world to become. The roadmap is clear and the hype high, so the chances of success are high. This is definitely a project to keep an eye on in 2023.

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