Templates for newsletters: The templates can do it

How do newsletter templates work?

Templates for newsletters can be compared to a platform on which you build your newsletter. All newsletter tools contain an editor where you can put together the different parts of the newsletter. Here you can insert images, text, headings, buttons and much more. You can also change colors and fonts to your liking.

The great advantage of templates is that they ensure that the email is displayed exactly as it was designed. The various text and image modules that make up a newsletter are not moved in this way. Most email clients support HTML emails. This ensures that the message is delivered and displayed correctly. This will give your newsletter the intended effect.

Newsletter Templates: This is what newsletter tools have to offer when it comes to templates

The various newsletter tools offer newsletter templates. However, they differ in number, design options and the functionality offered. Some allow drag-and-drop editing, while others require a separate editor. They also differ in terms of storage space available for images. We have gathered information about some well-known providers here.


GetResponse offers its users a very large selection of free newsletter templates. In total, GetResponse offers over 500 newsletter templates in responsive design. In addition to newsletter templates, the provider also has templates for landing pages and websites in its portfolio.

The GetResponse editor is easy to use. Designing the newsletter according to your own ideas is child’s play. The preview function enables the display of different newsletter examples. In this way, the design can be assessed in advance from the recipient’s point of view.


With CleverReach, customers receive over 50 newsletter templates with a responsive design and more than 1024 MB of storage space for images and graphics.

Anyone looking for templates for specific occasions will quickly find what they are looking for in CleverReach’s newsletter templates. The tool groups the newsletter templates by information, new content announcements, and product sales and advertising. CleverReach also offers master templates for these topics.

CleverReach also offers design inspiration for seasonal occasions like Halloween, Christmas or Easter.

Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can then customize the newsletter templates according to your own ideas and change the color, font and size. In addition, CleverReach offers a template generator. You can create your own templates for newsletters and templates relatively easily. This means that your own company design can also be taken into account when creating the newsletter.


The KlickTipp newsletter tool offers its customers 400 newsletter templates, as well as numerous emojis and over 500,000 license-free images. To be able to design the template for the newsletter yourself, Klick-Tipp also has a drag-and-drop editor. In addition, the tool has an integrated image editor. With this you can edit and adjust images.


There are also several templates for newsletters at Quentn. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to customize and style them to your liking. If you have HTML knowledge, you can also create your own newsletter templates.

At Quentn, the topics of data protection and GDPR compliance are very important. Therefore, mandatory information according to the GDPR cannot be edited. In this way, the tool provider ensures that the legal requirements for data protection cannot be violated.


Sendinblue offers you more than 70 free newsletter templates, of course in responsive design. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor allows you to design to your liking. You can rearrange the elements, change the order and vary the sizes. You can also design the color scheme according to your ideas. Call-to-action buttons can be redesigned and, for example, adapted to your own corporate identity and corporate design.

There are ready-made templates for the subjects

  • Campaign newsletter – for example discount campaigns or vouchers
  • Transaction notification – for example, order confirmation
  • Informative newsletter – for example, information about the production process

Active campaign

ActiveCampaign has more than 250+ newsletter templates available for clients. Like the nearly 50 landing page templates, the newsletter templates are also programmed in a responsive design.

ActiveCampaign offers ready-made newsletter templates for these emails:

  • Seasonal newsletter templates
  • Informative newsletters
  • customer service
  • Abandoned wagon
  • Conferences, fairs, events
  • Feedback and customer rating

You can customize the newsletter templates with a drag-and-drop editor. You can also create your own templates if you have HTML knowledge.

But beware: Since ActiveCampaign is an American provider, you must pay special attention to data protection. Unlike, for example, Quentn, you can also edit content that is mandatory according to GDPR.


The provider Mailchimp provides a particularly large selection of free newsletter templates. With Mailchimp, customers receive over 100 responsive templates, a sophisticated drag-and-drop editor, and the easy ability to design their own newsletter templates.

For the latter, Mailchimp comes with ready-made building blocks. You can arrange these yourself. But of course you can also use the existing templates for newsletters and adapt them to your needs.

To create your own templates, you also need HTML knowledge with Mailchimp. But Mailchimp offers a tutorial that teaches basic programming skills.

As with ActiveCampaign, the same applies to Mailchimp: Pay attention to data protection! Imprint and unsubscribe link must be included in the footer. You must ensure this yourself so that the newsletter can be sent in accordance with the GDPR.

Download free newsletter templates

In addition to the tool providers, there are other platforms that offer newsletter templates. Most of these templates are even free or can be purchased for a small price (1 euro). All you need is an account on the website.

The newsletter templates cover several designs as well as a wide range of occasions. They also provide inspiration for the design, for example:

  • well-being and health
  • Business
  • finance
  • Seasonal newsletters
  • public holidays
  • campaigns

These providers provide free newsletter templates:

  • envato offers 250 free newsletter templates
  • Adobe also provides users with several free newsletter templates
  • Stripo offers more than 1,100 free newsletter templates
  • There are several email templates at Venngage
  • Canva has thousands of templates available for download on the site. Some are free, some are paid
  • At Templatemonster there are almost 300 free templates for newsletters.

Achieve the desired effect with a newsletter template

The appearance is crucial for a successful newsletter. This includes a balanced ratio of text to image, clarity and a subject that captures. You should use templates to keep the design of the newsletter the way you want it. Thanks to the HTML format, the newsletter reaches the recipient as you have designed it – and can achieve the desired effect there.

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