Oktoberfest Munich: Wiesn knowledge from A to Z at the start – Munich

Three years is a long time. You can learn a lot in three years, you can complete an entire apprenticeship or a master’s degree. But much can also be forgotten in three years – the Wiesn knowledge that has not been needed so long since the last performance in 2019, for example. Here’s a refresher for seamless re-entry.

A for exit A visit to the beer tent thrives on its spontaneity, so it’s important to get carried away, let yourself go in the best sense of the word at a later stage, only one thing can be planned a little more in advance: a visit to the toilet. The contents of a beer mug quickly press on the bladder, and if you put off getting up because it’s so much fun right now, you may regret it later. The way to the toilets would always have been shorter the other way around, and when you finally arrive, you have the misfortune of standing in a painfully slow-moving queue. The magic word here weighs things up: If you plan to plan many Oktoberfest nights, it’s worth exercising your bladder.

It is worth establishing a good relationship with the waiter at the beginning of Wiesntag.

(Photo: Matthias Schrader/AP)

B for service The relationship with the service is the be-all and end-all. It starts with a friendly smile and maybe goes to the phrase “I know someone who waits tables in the hacker tent in the cashier, she will definitely bring us in.” when the tents are closed. A good relationship is always worthwhile. The basis for this is kindness and a tip that is not too stingy. If you’re smart, you might get the better poured mass faster. If you take a seat more often in the service area, you will be recognized. And you are well on your way to becoming a regular or favorite guest. Then on the last Oktoberfest night you will hug each other happily and your eyes will be wet. Until next year!

Oktoberfest in Munich: Charivari is the name of the decorative chain on the leather trousers.

Charivari refers to the jewelry chain in the leather trousers.

(Photo: imago)

C for Charivari is not only a Munich radio station, but also describes the decorative chain of the leather pants. Of course, not everyone at Wiesn is dressed in such a traditional way that their lederhosen adorn a charivari, perhaps even very few. For example, a lederhosen printed on a T-shirt has little tradition. However, the Oktoberfest outfit is less about tradition and more about a sense of belonging. And if a cheap shirt from the station stand is enough, then so be it.

D for Diridari Diridari is Bavarian for means. The Wiesn guest does not need to know Bavarian to have fun. But he should bring some Diridari. Few pleasures are free or cheap. For example, the entrance of the Wiesn landlords or the square concert on mid-Sunday can be seen for free. Oide Wiesn is worthwhile with children, and every Tuesday at Oktoberfest is a family day with discounts. As a rule, however, a day at Oktoberfest and above all an evening at Oktoberfest is not exactly cheap. 30 euros for Hendl and fair must be taken into account. Minimum.

E for recording The Oktoberfest is actually a folk festival and there for everyone. There is no entrance fee. But that’s not the end of the story. If you want to get past security despite the closed tent, you either have to look good and be patient, tell a story that isn’t dead boring like I forgot my jacket inside, or know a waiter (see B for waiter) . So all that’s missing is a place at a table. Again: A nice demeanor can do wonders.

F for free ticket No, a plunging neckline, like the one often found in a dirndl, is not a free ticket to get there. Which, by the way, also applies to a leather-covered butt. Groping can be classified as sexual harassment, i.e. as a criminal offence, and Wiesn is not a lawless zone. This should go without saying, but a little reminder never hurts.

G as Gretchen questions This year it’s: “Are you going?” and targets the pandemic. Some stay away, others don’t want to be stopped from partying. Still others will only go for a walk when the weather is good. Everyone does what makes them feel good.

Oktoberfest in Munich: The main drink at Wiesn: beer.

The most important drink at Wiesn: beer.

(Photo: Ralph Peters/image)

H likes hops The drink of choice at Wiesn is of course beer, brewed according to the Munich Purity Law of 1487. Hops, water, malt, yeast. If you don’t like one at all, don’t despair. In some tents you can switch to a wine sprayer. Cocktail stands are scattered throughout the festival grounds. And an apple spritzer in a Masskrug looks confusingly like beer.

I like vaccination certificate No one needs them to visit Oktoberfest, much less a negative test. Anyone who wants to do their part to make sure Oktoberfest doesn’t turn into a superspreader event can still stick their chopsticks through their noses before their visit.

I like Jessa! Jessas, short for “Jessas, Mary and Joseph!” is an expression of incredulous astonishment. And at Wiesn there are numerous opportunities to say “Jessas!” to call. The height of the free fall or the crowds after the tent closes, zombie-like swaying on the Wirtsbudenstraße or a visitor swinging onto the table in the Hofbräuzelt to tense the entire fair.

K for kiss It often happens in the beer tent, where people inevitably get closer. Slinging, roaring to children’s songs and flat hits: it’s connected, at least for the moment. The rule is: What pleases both is allowed. If both remember it the next day, and not embarrassed, but excited and happy, further kisses are not excluded. Many local singles are hoping for Bayern as a matchmaker: Wiesn as an opportunity to find someone to cuddle in the coming colder months.

Oktoberfest in Munich: Single women wear the dirndl bow on the left, but this should not be taken as a free ticket.

Single women wear the dirndl bow on the left, but this should not be taken as a free ticket.

(Photo: Felix Hörhager/dpa)

L as left On the left, the dirndl bow is tied for single women. Right means forgiveness. Front center a virgin, back center a widow or a servant. Always seen from the woman’s point of view. However, a bow tied to the left is not an F for a free ticket.

M for fair is the unit in which the beer is consumed. One or the other has to get used to it again after a two-year break. Also the Oktoberfest beer – after all, it is stronger than usual. The later the evening, the easier it is to mix Masskrug. There are several cases of Wiesn flu each year. Buying a nice beer mug is definitely a good investment.

N for Noagerl If the beer is not drunk quickly, a noagerl will remain. It tastes dull and stale, which is why the mug is usually not emptied completely. A J spat out in disgust like Jessa’s! harvest those who scoop up the leftovers at the table and take a generous sip of their brew.

Oktoberfest in Munich: Teufelsrad is an example of Wiesn.

Teufelsrad is an example of Wiesn.

(Photo: Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

O as original A traditional event like the Oktoberfest produces its own originals. Be it Vogelpfeifer at Käferzelt, underground detector at Theresienwiese or e.g. Schichtl, Manfred Schauer. And then there are the non-human originals: the toboggan, for example the crinoline or the devil’s wheel. Rides that grandmothers and grandfathers loved as children. They all give the Wiesn grade.

P likes celebrities The bussi-bussi crowd is still alive at Wiesn. You can find them in the boxes with the beetle and wine tents, at parties like the Almauftrieb, and every now and then, after a beer or two, a rock or pop singer will climb on stage in the Wiesn band and give a free mini-concert.

Q for qualification What skills qualify for the occupation that Wiesn serves? Strong arms to carry as many beer mugs as possible from the pub at once, and strong nerves to endure the 16 days of noise, stupid jokes, crowds.

R likes rain Doesn’t count as ideal Wiesn weather. The exhibitors outside leave empty-handed, the visitors do not spread out among the beer garden and the tent, but all crowd in – and the colorful late summer sunsets in front of the brightly flashing amusements, an almost psychedelic and beautiful picture, literally falling into the water.

S for senses Several impressions rain down on the visitor as soon as they enter the Theresienwiese. The very special Oktoberfest smell of burnt almonds, chicken fat and a little bit of human fumes. Pop songs and announcements from the rides in your ears, roaring and Oktoberfest bands, everything is moving before your eyes, the colorful lights – there is a lot, especially at peak times. Similar to getting off the plane in Mumbai. Dive into another world.

I like tourists They are part of the Oktoberfest and will arrive in droves again this year. This year, the big question is: do you take new corona variants with you, do you take them home? In any case, the tourists bring a party atmosphere and a thirst for beer. The rest will show.

You like holidays Not only the tourists, but also some Munich residents take extra vacations to spend as much time as possible in their favorite tent with their regular waitress.

V likes chickens at least in the weekend evenings in the tent. There are two options: drink something, mingle, let go, have fun – or have a miserable time and see confirmation that Oktoberfest is only for drunks with bad taste in music.

I like gagging must be one or the other who has misjudged his alcohol tolerance limit. An inconspicuous hill behind the tents has made it more known as a gathering point for such poor people.

X for xylophone is rarely represented as an instrument in Wiesn bands.

Y for yoga is ideal as a balance for anyone who has a lot to do with the biggest folk festival in the world, either professionally or for fun.

Z likes teeth can be safely collected at the lost and found office every year. In addition to ID cards and smartphones, the wildest things are collected there: bed linen and wheelchairs, toilet brushes and horses have already been delivered here. But without teeth in the lost and found office, Wiesn didn’t really take place.

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