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Many domestic arrival halls only have a small amount of space. The entrances are either too narrow or too small. There is often not enough space for large built-in cupboards. Therefore, slim wardrobe solutions should occupy this essential key position.

Timeless wardrobe furniture that is built to last is particularly popular

Wall-mounted wardrobes and clothes racks offer enough storage space to hang or store jackets, hats and the like. On top of that, it is possible to put specific accents on the top sellers. Practical coat racks made of wood and metal not only have a timeless design, they also easily withstand hard use. Even after many years, the wardrobe furniture still looks beautiful. An elegant eye-catcher is one Industrial wardrobe Design. These robust pieces of jewelery radiate a rustic charm and at the same time enhance the atmosphere at the entrance. Since the elements of wood and metal have a high self-weight, they can wonderfully withstand the stress that comes from jackets and coats. In addition, the powder-coated steel pipes in black or white are an attractive eye-catcher.

The all-rounders can be integrated into a wide range of furnishing situations

The wardrobe’s clothes rack on wheels, for example, can be used in many different ways. They not only ensure order in the hallway, dressing room or bedroom, but can also be easily integrated into commercial interior areas. Whether in the office, coworking spaces, gastronomy or as a product display in the showroom or shop, the organizers can be easily moved from one place to another thanks to the wheels. A wider clothes rack with shelves and a hanger bar is also recommended for decorative storage of clothes and accessories. The casual Industrial Look wardrobe gives a good overview of folded and hanging textiles. Even everyday work clothes can be laid out easily thanks to the organizer. Most of the compact wardrobes in industrial style are placed freely in the room without drilling. In addition, the standing wardrobes are quickly set up. If you’re looking for something extra and like it more understated, you should consider the handmade steel and pine wall coat rack. The noble wooden boards with iron hooks are perfect for smaller apartments. The trendy coat rack promises plenty of hanging options for jackets, coats and much more. On top of that, nothing gets in the way and it always looks nice. There is nothing wrong with installing the eye-catcher in offices, shops, hotels or cafes.

The premises never appear cluttered and untidy

Reduced architectural details and materials such as brick, metal, wood and concrete have been very popular for a long time. More and more people want a living environment that is inevitably reminiscent of industrial or factory buildings. Not only lofts or large loft apartments are delivered in the fantastic industrial look. Even apartments in old buildings or farmhouses can enjoy using open systems instead of traditional cabinets. In these room concepts, wardrobes in industrial design should in no way be conspicuous by their absence. Not only because they save space, but because they present clothes in an aesthetic way. Nor can it be denied that industrial-style wardrobes inevitably bring order to users. Due to the open design, there are virtually no options for stowing the items invisibly. You automatically pay more attention to structure, especially when it comes to public places. Last but not least, the wardrobes in the industrial look boast easy-care properties. Dust or stains can be removed in no time with a damp cloth. If a spontaneous visit is announced, it is not difficult at all to keep the highlights presentable.

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