The Most Exciting Cryptocurrency in 2023? IMPT with sustainability potential

The crypto market was soon to be enriched with a new cryptocurrency. The IMPT token started its presale on October 3 and could convince crypto traders with its unique selling proposition in the future. It creates a particularly sustainable coin.


A cryptocurrency fights climate change

The developers of IMPT focused on the emission of CO2 focused and wants to bring the corresponding certificate trading into the crypto world. The first of a total of three pre-sale phases is currently underway. In the first phase, 600 million IMPT tokens will be sold at a price of $0.018. When the next phase begins, customers will have 660 million coins at a price of $0.023. Then in the final phase 540 million coins will be sold, these will cost 0.028 USD.

This means that advance sales are dynamic. So far, 486 million coins have been sold in 22 days. So the next phase can start soon. If the tokens are not completely sold out in the first phase, the second phase will start on November 25.

What is the IMPT project?

The developers of the IMPT platform have set themselves the task of making CO2 Bringing certificate trading to the crypto scene. In this way, the project wants to contribute to stopping climate change. The greenest cryptocurrency to date could emerge with IMPT.

In the future, a store for CO2-Certificates are created. These compensate for the emission of one ton of carbon dioxide. The special thing about this is that it is based on NFTs. This clearly distinguishes IMPT from the usual projects that sell the certificates.


When customers enter a CO2If you buy a certificate from a company via IMPT, it is not only the customer who can claim it. The country of purchase may also indicate CO2 to have compensated emission. With NFT integration, IMPT protects its compensations against theft, copying and double use.

But IMPT differs from previously known platforms in another way. The price of the certificates will be the same for private customers and companies.

The IMPT partner store

In the future, customers of the IMPT platform will have two options to do something good for the environment. The project has collaborated with over 10,000 companies. A partner store will be created soon.

Users are redirected to the partner website. If customers buy something from the partner, a certain percentage of the purchase amount will flow into the IMPT certificates.

IMPT Partners

trend topic sustainability

IMPT is therefore fully committed to sustainability and could change the crypto market in 2023. The developers want to offer customers an easy way to give back to the environment and do something about climate change.

The developers describe their vision in their white paper:

“ will connect people to the most impactful and reliable environmental projects around the world with the ultimate goal of reducing carbon emissions and making positive changes for the environment. Meanwhile, we ensure a safe and transparent ecosystem that motivates users to reduce their CO2 -emissions and rewards them for withdrawing their carbon credits.”

If the project goes well and there is high demand for the pre-sale, the project can stand out from the market with the subject of sustainability. This has clearly been neglected in the crypto world so far. A large part of the coins still run on the power-guzzling Proof of Work method. With this method of operation, bitcoin uses more electricity within a year than all of Switzerland needs in a year.

The second largest coin, Ethereum, gave a small boost to the topic of sustainability in mid-September. The cryptocurrency switched from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake procedure. This reduced electricity costs by 95.5%. But the community reacted in a mixed way, a large part of ETH users switched to other proof of work coins.

Just as positive and important as the subject of environmental awareness and sustainability. The past shows that investors react critically when companies combine environmental protection with investment. This picture is evident in both cryptocurrencies and the stock market. The ever-increasing demand for cryptocurrencies also shows that crypto traders support tokens despite their power consumption. Nevertheless, the coin has the potential to finally bring this topic to the fore and already has solid forecasts.

Current IMPT forecasts

The topic of climate change can have a positive impact within the crypto world, but also a negative impact on the price development of IMPT. Let’s take a look at current opinions. assumes that the value of the IMPT coin will develop positively in the next year. The analysts assumed the ICO price for the following values. If a bullish trajectory emerges, the value may rise to $0.14 in 2023. If a neutral picture emerges, it may rise to $0.030. A bearish case would cause the token price to fall to $0.03.

It is difficult to make a forecast for such a young project because there is no course history. But the IMPT forecast can be seen from a very interesting angle, CO2 Price. This does not play a role for other cryptocurrencies, it becomes indispensable for IMPT.

IMPT forecast CO2 price

Since the platform is based on the sale of CO2 want to focus on allowances, the IMPT price will depend on the carbon price. The price of a CO2 The compensation in the EU is currently around 35 euros. However, it has already been announced that this will gradually increase to around 90 euros in 2025.

Should the IMPT project experience stable demand and the price of a CO2 compensation increases, the price for compensation of the IMPT platform will also have to increase. If demand remains high, the demand for IMPT coins will automatically increase as buyers will need more coins to purchase compensation. This means that the project has a significant factor that can have a positive effect on the price.

It remains to be seen how the IMPT project will develop in the future. But it already has an innovative idea that could make it stand out from the market in the future. However, this depends on demand, with IMPT it could be decided how or if crypto traders respond to the issue of sustainability at all.

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