The best costumes of the show’s star designs

Halloween Costume #1: Anna Delvey by Invents Anna

Fake millionaire heiress Anna Delvey successfully swindles New York’s high society and lives a life of luxury… until the handcuffs snap and she is sentenced to a long prison sentence. Transform into Anna Delvey in this signature outfit: a black and white coat over a short black dress, paired with black ankle boots and a red statement bag. The Halloween make-up is quite subtle, almost a no-make-up look: a pale complexion, slightly pink lips, natural eyes. With the dark glasses, you will unmistakably be Anna and the star of any Halloween party!

Halloween Costume #2: Players of Squid game

The deadly game with 456 players involves a lot of money, life and death. To slip into the role of player, you need the green tracksuit and the legendary white vans. A bloody wound on the cheek can be made up with some theater paint or make-up. Great if you already have a short haircut, otherwise tie a braid. This costume works especially well when appearing in a multi-player party!

Model Carina Zavline loves the Halloween look and wears the mask from the cult series “Squid Game” – what will your Halloween style look like? © Xavier Collin | Photo press agency

Halloween costume #3: Female gang out Peaky Blinders

The powerful women of the drama series, set in 1920s England, are strong characters in strong outfits. Be inspired by the fashion of the time and choose a coat with (fake) fur collar and hat, a two-piece black and white costume or a gray three-piece suit with hat and glasses as a Halloween costume. When it comes to make-up, it can be a little more: red lips, expressive eyes and soft waves in the hair.

Halloween costume #4: Uniform off The Umbrella Academy

The 7 siblings make up a team of superheroes that go by the name The Umbrella Academy become famous. Take 6 friends and dress up in the typical uniform. For the make-up, you only need black and white face paint: This is used to paint on the characteristic mask – easy and unmistakable!

Halloween costume #5: Trio from reboot Sex and the City

The continuation of the successful series, which has delighted its fans since 1998, is also convincing in the new edition. Are you a real fan of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte? So grab 2 BFFs and transform into your stars. Duplicate a group costume down to the smallest detail and style like the legendary trio: with Carrie’s signature blush bars, Charlotte’s simple elegance and Miranda’s eye for bright colors.

Halloween Costume #6: Chrissy Hawkins High School Cheerleader Uniform by StrangerThings

Do you still have a cheerleading uniform lying around somewhere? Let’s then think back to cheerleader Chrissy, who became Vecna’s first victim. With the green and white Hawkins High School cheerleader uniform, transform into star Chrissy Cunningham and inspire with pompoms and high kicks. The Halloween makeup is a real eye-catcher: eye shadow in bright colors, long, deep black (false) eyelashes with a little glitter and a rose-colored gloss on the lips. Do not forget to smile!

Halloween Costume #7: Recast Off Gossip Girl

The latest restart of Gossip Girl convinces with really raw fashion! Because the Upper East Side’s new crop really knows how to dress. Oversized button downs and tiny mini skirts are paired with white knee high boots. You are unmistakably a Gossip Girl (or boy)! The make-up: dark red lips, brown eyeshadow, black eyelashes and striking brows.

Halloween Costume #8: Daphne off Bridgerton

Ball season in London’s high society becomes a fiercely competitive marriage market where women hope to find their true love. Pompous, elegant dresses, tightly laced corsets, romantic fabrics with lots of tulle and lace will make you the Bridgerton star at any Halloween party. Bridgerton’s makeup is subtle and romantic.

Halloween costume #9: JoJo Siwa in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Remember JoJo Siwa’s iconic sparkly outfits at the season 3 premiere of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series? Super cool, super eye-catching and very easy to imitate: wear a shiny jacket with silver fringes and holographic trousers, plus subtle make-up with sparkling eyes and shiny lips in rosé.

Halloween costume #10: Zoe Deutch in Not okay

The film about an ambitious young woman in search of fame: Do you know the film and would you like to slip into the role of Danni? With a red beret and a floral dress, you can quickly be recognized as a wannabe influencer. Blonde highlights and bright red lipstick complete the Halloween outfit.

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