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The children’s guard in RNC Reicholzheim, here at their performance at the children’s carnival 2022, get new costumes. With a design competition, the children must be directly involved in the design. Photo: Birger-Daniel Grein

Photo: Birger-Daniel Grein

The young people have the chance to help design the costumes for the children’s watch at the Reicholzheimer Narren Club (RNC). To that end, the association has started a design competition where all children and young people, regardless of where they live, are invited to come up with their ideas.

You don’t need to be active at the RNC carnival, Christine Schlör and Birgit Amend from the children’s carnival team emphasize in an interview with our media company. We are looking for ideas for the guard clothing, also with accessories such as hats, gloves and boots. These can be drawn or painted. Embellishment with glitter, fabric patterns and other ideas are also possible. Children who are not very good at drawing are also invited to participate. It’s about the creative ideas, not the perfect implementation, both emphasize.

Summer vacation idea

The idea for the competition arose during the past summer vacation. The concept of the competition then developed from the spontaneous idea in discussions, says Schlör.

The former guard uniforms are more than eleven years old. The kindergarten children are in 3rd and 4th grade. Each year the clothes are adapted to the respective children. As a result, they would wear out faster than the adult guard’s clothes. The children and their tastes have changed since the creation of the old costumes, so a new design is desired. Both emphasize that it is great when the children help with the design. Young people are encouraged when they are allowed to contribute and be creative. “It is important that the new design of the costumes also corresponds to the children’s ideas.

The children’s carnival team would like to take a closer look at all the submitted ideas. Experienced members of the Guard are also involved in the selection for the design. These would have an idea of ​​how a fabric falls and how it behaves in the dance movement. Children and young people could support and are more neutral than parents. In addition, they are younger and therefore know exactly the zeitgeist that is in demand among children. The organizers emphasize that ideas from several submissions can also be combined for the costume. Then you look for a suitable seamstress to tailor the new clothes. They will also be able to influence the selection.

Until 11.11. at 11:11

Everyone who submits an idea gets a thank you from the RNC. It is the ideas that count and that someone thinks and works, Schlör and Amend emphasize. Some proposals have already been received. The two carnival activists are looking forward to many more children and young people. The ideas can be delivered to Christina Schlör, Geißbergstraße 6b or Birgit Amend, Am Felder 7, in Reicholzheim until November 11 at 11:11, as is typical for carnival.

It is important to note the child’s or young person’s name and class on it. And finally, both invite the children to the opening of the children’s carnival on November 18 from 15 to 17 in the Asbachhalle in Reicholzheim.


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