MoveTo Earn is dead! Why an investment in Calvaria could be worth more

NFTs are becoming more and more popular in the crypto world. Great popularity is shown during limited sales. A new pre-sale started recently. Calvaria announced an NFT presale on Twitter on October 10th. The first phase is already 25% complete. We show why the investment could be worth more than in a Move2Earn cryptocurrency.


Play to Earn increases while Move to Earn decreases

NFTs attracted attention through Play to Earn or Move to Earn. They appeared before a large audience. Now they get another chance with Calvaria. During the Calvaria presale, 38% of the total available RIAs are sold. In the current phase, buyers receive 100 RIA tokens for 1 USDT.

With the STEPN app, Move to Earn got a lot of attention. The demand increased rapidly, more and more people wanted to earn coins through movement. But just as quickly as the hype arose, it died down again.

The demand for STEPN was also reflected in the price. In May of this year, the value was just below the $4 mark. Since June, the price has continued to fall. Today, the STEPN price is $0.46.

So even though Move to Earn has not proven itself, the demand for Play to Earn continues to grow. More and more cryptocurrencies want to integrate these types of games into their platforms. The games are particularly popular among crypto investors. They get a real benefit from their crypto through the games. Players can earn real tokens while playing.

The previously known Play to Earn projects work with this simple principle of earning money while you play. Calvaria differs from the other applications. The game offers features that other games do not have so far. This is what makes Calvaria unique. Calvaria can therefore stand out from the crypto market in the future and convince the community with its unique selling point.

Calvaria: what does the game offer?

First of all, a PVP offer is provided to the players. Here you can compete against other players. The NFT-based trading cards are already known from other games. But it also offers other unique features.

The game offers high user friendliness. It is not only available as a PC version but also as an APP. The game is not only available to token holders. Even users who don’t have any coins or even have a wallet can become gamers on Calvaria.

Another plus point in terms of ease of use is that it will be free.

In the game, players can choose different game characters and factions. In the world of Calvaria, players are tasked with proving themselves against monsters and other players. They can improve their characteristics with purchased trading cards and upgrades. The RIA token acts as a means of payment.

The developers describe the content of the game in their whitepaper as follows:

“As generals, players take command of the battlefield and their chosen army. Victory is forged in the jaws of defeat as each player learns skillful play and the art of outmaneuvering their opponents. Knowledge will be key as the abilities and synergies of allied units, their location and the enemy’s all will play their part in building and adjusting your strategy on the field.

The wars of the living are not so different from those of the dead. Yet it is not by sword or claw that fortunes swing, Nor fire or blood that marks fate, Each is but a card in the hands of those who play the great game. With a sharp spirit and with the spiritual grace with which you sit at a dignified table on Calvary: Duels of Eternity.”

RIA token Center of Calvaria

The RIA coin will be the Calvaria ecosystem’s own coin. It is an ERC-20 token and will serve as a means of payment for users. It should also support the financial stability of the project.

There will be two models of the RIA token, in addition to the first form, the eRIA version is to be released. Both coin versions can be traded on the exchange. In addition, these must provide access to votes. The coins do not include transaction fees.

Advance sales are supported by a promotional campaign. To celebrate the start of presales, the developers announced a giveaway on Twitter. Participants can win RIAs worth 100,000 tokens. In order to participate in the contest, users must have at least $100 worth of coins.

The profit is divided into three positions. The first place winner will receive tokens worth $100,000. The second place winner will receive $50,000 worth of coins. Calvaria is giving away $20,000 worth of coins for third place.

Other projects are dependent on NFT

The developers of the young meme token Tamadoge also rely on NFTs. Here, the special coins are used as access to a game to earn games. Crypto traders who purchase a TAMA NFT will receive a unique dog to play the TAMA game with.

Tamadoge’s NFT sale is divided into phases, first selling ultra rare NFTs. Cheaper tickets are currently being sold. The dog that buyers receive through the purchase is not only unique, but also has special abilities in the game. Some Shiba Inus are particularly fast, while others are strong.

The Tamdoge team also relies on a promotional campaign designed to drive NFT sales. Here, either 5x USD 100 or USD 5,000 are distributed in the form of TAMA tokens.

Conclusion – Are Play to Earn NFTs the new move to earn?

NFTs are currently in high demand, with crypto traders sometimes paying gigantic prices to get their hands on a particularly rare specimen. The developers show a lot of creativity when using tokens. Some can be incorporated into games, others function as trading cards. It seems that the special tokens could replace the Move to Earn principle and create a new hype.

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