Green crypto raises $9 million in 3 weeks

Green crypto project has raised an impressive $9 million from investors looking to invest in the innovative carbon offsetting platform.

IMPT is the access token for the platform and strong buyer demand has resulted in 84% of the first phase of the pre-sale being sold at a price of $0.018 per share.

At the time of writing, $9,138,000 has been raised in the current $10.8 million phase, before the price rises to $0.023 in the second phase of the presale.

Of the 600 million IMPT tokens available to investors in the first phase of the presale, 510.4 million have already been sold.

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Amazon joins the green IMPT affiliate shopping program

Investors are encouraged by the impressive number of retailers who have joined the affiliate shopping program.

Retailers include e-commerce giant Amazon and top brands such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales, but also companies such as River Island, Microsoft and Lego. aims to connect socially responsible companies and brands with companies and individuals who want to offset their environmental footprint.

To achieve this goal, leverages blockchain technology to make carbon offsets and trading accessible to everyone.

Each retailer donates a portion of sales through the widget or app. It is up to the retailer to decide how much to donate to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) projects selected and verified by

Consumers can choose between their favorite brands by comparing the different green project sales margins offered by each retailer.

When a person makes a purchase online using the widget or in-store using the app, they earn IMPT tokens, which can then be exchanged for carbon credits. enables the scaling of carbon offsets and trading credits

Another key feature of the project is to facilitate the purchase, sale and withdrawal of carbon credits on a blockchain-powered marketplace. The use of blockchain technology eliminates fraud when trading CO2 credits and ensures full transparency.

Every time someone buys an IMPT token, they can convert it into a carbon credit, which in turn can be listed on the marketplace as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition, the IMPT token encourages the redemption of carbon credits through exchange for collectibles designed by renowned artists.

The elimination of credits is achieved through burning – a process where tokens are sent to an address on the blockchain that can only receive (and not send) tokens, effectively removing them from the supply.

In addition to earning IMPT tokens while shopping, consumers can also purchase the IMPT token directly on the IMPT website.

People can then either burn the credits to offset their carbon footprint and receive a collectible NFT in return, or they can list the carbon credits on the IMPT market where they can be traded as a financial asset.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is the $53 trillion opportunity of the century

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, global ESG assets are expected to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, accounting for more than a third of the projected $140.5 trillion in assets under management. provides the tools to enable businesses and consumers to do their part in the fight against global warming and environmental degradation while benefiting from the transition of entire industries and the increasing use of renewable energy.

The team behind the project is led by Denis Creighton, a very experienced manager.

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This is how you participate in the biggest green investment opportunity of the year

To participate in the presale and the green revolution powered by blockchain technology, any person or company can simply link their crypto wallet on and buy the IMPT token with ETH or USDT (Tether stablecoin).

If potential buyers do not own ETH, they can safely purchase the token directly on the website using a credit card.

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