With good performance at reasonable prices against the decline in consumption

Hamburg (ots) – – Survey “Prize winner 2022”: Which brands are most convincing with their price-performance ratio

Record inflation slows down private consumption. Consumers are making their remaining purchase decisions increasingly dependent on price – but they are largely unwilling to accept compromises in the quality of their purchases for cheaper deals. Consequence: It is becoming increasingly important for companies that the public recognizes good value for money in their offer. In a social listening survey commissioned by Focus Money, the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research has determined which brands are currently doing this particularly well. For this purpose, the industry-specific online reputation of around 19,000 companies and brands active in Germany with regard to their pricing was determined and compared with each other using artificial intelligence methods. The best were awarded the German test seal “Prize Winner 2022”, for which 1,392 companies from 409 sectors could qualify. The fashion and textile house C&A, the kitchen furniture manufacturer Bulthaup and among electronics stores the not-so-dumb chain Media Markt all enjoy such a well-established, unique reputation for excellent value for money.

In the spirits category, the Puschkin brand was the best “2022 award winner”. Although the vodka is named after the Russian national poet Alexander Puschkin, it is a purely German product from the Berentzen Group, which can still be found on local shelves.

A total of 21 municipal utilities qualified for the German test seal, led by Stadtwerke Schweinfurt. Among car dealers, the Germans give Torpedo Group the best value for money. From the first “Torpedo Garage”, which opened in 1928, the family business from Kaiserslautern has grown over its nearly 100-year history to a chain of 29 car dealerships in five states.

Achievement is only effective if it is noticed

“Providing good service at a good price is only the first step to survive as a company in the market in times of inflation and propensity to buy. However, it can only really affect sales if it is supported in the second step. by consumers recognized in this way, ” warns Jörg Forthmann, Managing Partner of IMWF. “Therefore, business leaders should constantly monitor the perception of their price-performance ratio relative to their competitors.”

background information

For the seal survey “Award winner 2022”, IMWF examined the online reputation of around 19,000 brands and companies in terms of the cost of products and services. For this purpose, around eleven million relevant mentions of the companies and brands surveyed between 01 July 2021 and 30 June 2022 from several million public Internet sources, including editorial pages and social media, were identified using artificial intelligence methods and a sentiment analysis regarding this to a positive, neutral or negative tonality of the mention.

The results were displayed on a sector-specific scale from 0 to 100 points. The respective industry winner was awarded 100 points, thus setting the benchmark for all other surveyed companies and brands within the same category whose performance relative to the industry leader is shown on this scale. The companies that achieved at least 70 points qualified for Germany’s test seal “Prize Winner 2022”. A total of 1,392 companies from 409 sectors and product categories succeeded, ranging from billing providers and mobile phone providers to sugar producers.

IMWF – Institute for Management and Economic Research

IMWF was founded based on the experience that the results of scientific studies and market analyzes often do not have sufficient practical relevance and relevance for decision-makers in the business world. As a result, corporate support from scientific institutions often does not live up to the chairs’ expectations. Against this background, IMWF sees itself as a platform on which contacts can be made between science and companies that are interested in a well-founded processing of relevant managerial and economic topics.

IMWF provides insight into strategic and operational control in press work, marketing and risk management. Worldwide. very compressed. Guiding actions for our customers.

The basis for this is all public communication about brands, companies and institutions on 438 million websites worldwide. In 130 languages. In Germany alone, IMWF continuously analyzes the communications of 27,000 brands and companies as well as 4,000 political actors. IMWF evaluates millions of statements every day using specially developed artificial intelligence tools. This makes IMWF one of the leading providers of AI-based content analysis in Europe.

The IMWF analysis team condenses millions of communications into strategic and operational recommendations for action. Our goal is to focus on the essentials. And the extremely prompt to support our customers’ reaction speed as best as possible.

The preparation of comprehensive seal studies was checked and certified by the International School of Management ISM.

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