Florian Silbereisen speaks independently about the relationship with Helene Fischer’s friend Thomas Seitel

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On his “hit anniversary”, Florian Silbereisen gave a private insight into his friendship with Helene Fischer. He still spends “nice afternoons” with his ex-girlfriend – but they like to go a little further here and there.

Leipzig – Florian Silbereisen (41) and Helene Fischer (38) were once the dream couple of the German hit world, but even after the relationship ended, the two continue to inspire their fans. Because the folk musician was celebrating his 100th “Die Feste” show with “Das Große Schlagerjubiläum 2022”, his ex-partner also stopped by to offer his congratulations. And because the two superstars are still getting along brilliantly, they talked openly about the sewing box on Saturday night (October 22).

Helene Fischer celebrates with “Schlagerjubiläum” – Florian Silbereisen “proud” of friendship

Because Florian Silbereisen had the biggest German hit stars of all time as guests at his “hit anniversary” (including Roland Kaiser and Jürgen Drews), one thing could not be missing: Helene Fischer. “We all know you always make yourself very rare,” the 41-year-old warmly welcomed her star guest, enthusing that her arrival was “so nice, really nice”.

It’s still going very well privately between Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer: The 41-year-old revealed that he would stop by his former partner for coffee here and there – and would like to stay “a little longer” (photo montage) © Skærmbilde /ARD /Det big hit anniversary 2022 – Here’s to the next 100!

“This big anniversary, of course I said yes,” Helene Fischer was also excited and then addressed her congratulations to the “Schlagerjubiläum” host a little more quietly: “Respect at this time, also from me, you know that.” Florian Silbereisen, who seemed to be carried away by the excellent atmosphere in Leipzig, then turned again to his former love, with whom there is still a good relationship: “I want to tell you today that I am on something especially proud – and that is our friendship!”

Florian Silbereisen celebrates “The big hit anniversary 2022 – Here’s to the next 100!”:

At his 100th “Die Feste” show, Florian Silbereisen did not blurt out: To “The Big Hit Jubilee 2022 – To the Next 100!” Almost anything that was ranked and well known was picked up. The hit star will be delighted with top class guests such as Roland Kaiser (70), Beatrice Egli (34) or Andreas Gabalier (37). Schlager icon Jürgen Drews (77) even performed penultimate at the event, while Nena (62) surprised Silbereisen who was moved to tears and even sang her favorite song for him

Helene Fischer accommodates Florian Silbereisen here and there for coffee – hit stars are unpacked

Florian Silbereisen then gave his personal words a little insight into the relationship with Helene Fischer: The families of the two still get along very well, and he also has a good relationship with Thomas Seitel (37), the new partner on the Schlagerqueen side. The couple even welcomes the 41-year-old folk musician here and there for coffee, which he almost casually mentioned: “I’m looking forward to the next coffee with you,” he let the “Rausch” interpreter know.

She was hospitable: “You are always invited, you know that,” she assured Florian Silbereisen, who then revealed that he not only “always had pleasant afternoons” at Ammersee, where Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel live, but with pleasure stays ” a little longer”.

Helene Fischer didn’t seem to want to object to that either – she very forgivingly fulfilled the host’s wish and sang “With no other”. The hit itself dates back to 2015. At the time, the two were still a couple and some even suspected a declaration of love to Silbereisen between the lines. However, he dedicated the song to his team that night. Before then, however, the 41-year-old witnessed a questionable moment: When an older clip was playing, Andy Borg suddenly complained from the offen on “Schlagerjubiläum” that you were no longer allowed to say “Indians”. Sources used: “The Big Hit Anniversary 2022 – Here’s to the next 100!” (ARD)

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