Top Crypto Investments 2022: Cryptocurrencies That May Still Explode This Year

We are rapidly approaching the turn of the year. For the most part, October is already behind us. The past three weeks have seen relatively solid performance for cryptocurrencies. With volatile fluctuations, many coins have tended to move a little. There are already small signs of a successful bottom formation. However, the high correlation to the stock market and macroeconomic developments can destroy them again at any time. We will probably miss out on a big year-end rally in 2022. Nevertheless, there are some cryptocurrencies worth considering this year as well. The following article features five cryptocurrencies that could still explode this year, or for which speculation of a post-ICO price spike in 2023 could offer a cheap entry to the current presale.

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T): Massive demand in pre-sale โ€“ will the trend continue?

The Dash 2 Trade sell-off is causing a stir in the current bearish market environment. Because in about four days, the crypto sale approached a $2 million capital raise. The first pre-sale phase was already completed on Sunday afternoon. However, even after the price increase to $0.05, demand remains dynamically high. The experienced team behind Dash 2 Trade has already managed to build a community of 70,000 traders under the Learn 2 Trade brand over the past three years, where active traders can learn more and use trading signals. Based on this experience, a powerful dashboard has been developed over the past few months that offers a colorful array of features to all traders โ€“ a sort of โ€œBloomberg terminal for cryptosโ€ if you will. Since there are now about 20,000 tokens on the crypto market and high dynamics, a careful study of each investment is required to trade successfully and profitably on the digital currency market, all relevant information is required – and Dash 2 Trade will provide this exactly as required.

Undoubtedly, it is still a bit early for a concrete Dash 2 Trade price forecast. Nevertheless, much suggests that with a gigantic market volume – for example, the highest revenue CEX Binance is valued at around $300 billion – there is sustainable upside potential. Especially when you consider the ongoing crypto adoption.

2. XRP (XRP): Lawsuits With SEC Nearing End โ€“ Will XRP Price Explode To $1?

A possibly bullish scenario could emerge in the next few weeks for the XRP coin. Because the XRP coin does not seem to be sustainably able to overcome the $0.50 price level at the moment. Rather, the price trend is characterized by a consolidating sideways movement, which provides support at around $0.42. After bullish trading volume at the end of September, demand has eased quite a bit in the past few days.

Nevertheless, a quick finish on Ripple Labs vs. The SEC lawsuit on the horizon, after which XRP could finally explode above $0.50 with a fundamental buying impulse. A confirmation of $0.53 at the daily close would mark a new multi-month high for XRP. Afterwards, the way for further capital gains could be clear.

3. Huobi Token (HT): Huobi Global Exchange utility token heading for $10

On Sunday, the Huobi token was back in the double digits, making it one of the strongest altcoins. However, the native token of major CEX Huobi Global subsequently lost significantly, falling back below $8.40. Nevertheless, the current trend is intact. The heavily overbought condition following the RSI made profit taking inevitable. Now that the Huobi token has cooled, crypto traders can look to the next few weeks and aim for the psychologically important $10 price mark as a bullish price target.

Founder Leon Li started the current rally by selling shares in Huobi Global. The capital manager “About Capital Management” took over the shares – a short time later Tron founder Justin Sun was appointed to the board of Huobi Global. Looking to the future – with Huobi Global Exchange, you will benefit from the growing crypto adoption and focus on the HT token. With a current market cap of around $1 billion and a nearly 80% gap to ATH, there still appears to be room for improvement in the current rally.

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4. (IMPT): Eco-friendly cryptocurrency generates solid demand in pre-sale โ€“ 50% book profit possible up to ICO

A price explosion for the IMPT token in 2022 is not yet possible as the eco-friendly coin is currently in pre-sale. Here the price increases are fixed. Nevertheless, around 150 million IMPT tokens are still available at a price of $0.018 before this is raised to $0.023. 75% of Presale 1 is now sold out. The fixed price scale allows early investors to achieve book profits of over 50% through the presale until Q1 2023. To do this, needs to generate increasing demand for IMPT tokens in the coming weeks. The idea is exciting, the concept understandable. As a green asset, the IMPT token may not be the coin that explodes within a few weeks. Nevertheless, the native symbol of the online shopping platform with integrated NFT-based emission trading is well suited to participate in a megatrend of the 21st century in the medium term – protecting the environment and combating climate change.

5. Ethereum (ETH): Accumulating ETH in Bear Market โ€“ When Will the Merger Rally Come?

Whether it will still be in 2022 or in 2023 is still doubtful โ€“ but it seems certain that there will be a new rally in Ethereum (ETH). The current bear market seems ideal for accumulating ETH. After all, no one knows how long the bearish market sentiment will last and whether Ethereum will drop significantly lower. Since Ethereum is undoubtedly affected by the chart and has recently lost more than 20% since the merger, an entry in tranches could be a good idea here to reduce the risk.

However, in the medium term, Ethereum (ETH) will also remain a cryptocurrency that will explode again and at the same time as a solid basic investment has a comparably low risk for cryptocurrencies. Potential price drivers are the deflationary effect on the tokenomics after the merger, the significantly lower energy consumption, the technical performance of the development team (the merger as a proof of concept) and the strong market power of the Ethereum network (including DeFi, NFTs or smart contracts).

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