Test of the Tivoli Audio Model One+: The radio classic goes digital


The Tivoli Audio Model One+ shines with its stylish appearance and a pleasant if somewhat flat sound. The operation via the rotating wheels has charm, but limits in everyday life.


  • Pleasant, if somewhat thin, radio sound
  • Stylish design
  • headphone output

  • Important functions (alarm clock, sound control) can only be set via the remote control
  • Pretty high price

With the Model One+, traditional radio brand Tivoli Audio has relaunched the classic Model One BT and added DAB/DAB+. The simple but smart design looks nice at first glance – but does the Tivoli Audio Model One+ convince as a digital radio? We are looking closely.

The Tivoli Audio Model One+ is available from Amazon in three color versions:

Tivoli Audio Model One+ in brief

Tivoli Audio Model One+ has its own design language without being overbearing or ostentatious. This philosophy runs through every category in our test: Whether it’s sound or operation, the Model One+ can do what it needs to do without a lot of detail, but with small, smart flourishes. Unfortunately, this also includes the fact that the Tivoli radio lacks some of the numerous extra functions that modern digital radios usually come with. This makes the Model One+ a radio for anyone who doesn’t need a lot of frills, but appreciates high-quality work and attention to detail.

Tivoli Model One+ frontal
Nice front with wooden housing: the One+ model is simple but stylish.

Sources and connections: Model One+ concentrates on the essentials

As a digital radio, the Tivoli Audio Model One+ has the most important types of reception on board: FM and DAB/DAB+. Internet radio, which competitors often offer, is not included. The lack of an internet connection also means that no streaming service is directly integrated. For example, you cannot use Spotify Connect. You can of course send both Spotify and internet radio to the Model One+ via Bluetooth connection, but the digital radio still lacks some transmission paths. Are you interested in what the competition can do? So take a look at our ranking:

On the back of the Tivoli radio you will find an AUX input, which you can use, for example, to play music from your smartphone. There is also a headphone output.

Tivoli Audio Model One+ rear connector
In addition to the headphone socket and a jack input, you will find the socket for the power supply on the back. The One+ model does not offer optional battery operation.

Sound check of the Tivoli Audio Model One+

The Tivoli Model One+ sounds unmistakably like a radio. The voices of the moderators on 1Live sounded clear and understandable to us in the test. They do not sound gentle, but natural and balanced. The music is also round and pleasant via the Tivoli Audio Model One+ – regardless of whether you listen to it on your favorite station, stream it or play it wired from your mobile phone. That makes it a perfect digital radio for the living room, and the occasional spontaneous dance routine is fun with the Model One+. Our test song The hardest cut by Spoon, which we are used to, invites you to rock along, the One+ model is fun.

Tivoli Audio Model One+ speakers
The driver sits on top of the digital radio. In fact, the Model One+ sounds decent when you stand behind it or to the side.

The radio clearly has its strengths in the midrange, the bass underpinned by Gang of Youths Achilles came down on the other hand, it is thin to non-existent. Model One+ still sounds round, but competitors like Sonoro Relax offer you a much fuller sound experience.

Practice: alarm clock and sleep timer

Today’s digital radios often come in the form of whole music systems, with extensive streaming qualities, physical connections and possibly even CD drives. A Sonoro Relax even comes with its own little meditation course: the possibilities within DAB radio seem limitless. The Tivoli Audio Model One+ is quite modest. As an option, it has only a few but important functions: an alarm clock, a sleep timer and an equalizer with six presets.

Tivoli Audio Model One+ remote control from above
The Model One+ remote control gives you access to menu items such as display settings or an equalizer with six presets.

Even the then important station presets are limited to five per source. Depending on what you expect from a digital radio, none of this has to be a disadvantage – on the contrary, a manageable range of functions can also be a reason to buy it. We recommend taking a look at the product description so you don’t miss anything in the end.

Analog-inspired operation

You operate Tivoli Model One+ directly on the device or via remote control. There is no control app from the manufacturer, nor is the Model One+ compatible with the universal UNDOK app.

The device is primarily operated via rotating wheels. There are three of them: they control the volume, let you select the source (DAB, FM or Bluetooth) and change the frequency in radio mode. The rotating wheels are all fixed and put a lot of pressure on you when you turn them, giving you a lot of control, which is especially beneficial when searching for stations manually.

The Tivoli Audio Model One+ does not have an embedded menu that we are used to from a Pure Evoke Play. This makes operation very simple, but also limited. For example, there is no way to scroll through different submenus for the equalizer or the alarm clock. Instead, you can only use this function if you have the remote control handy. It offers more buttons for navigation than there are on the device. So you must under no circumstances lose the remote control, because then Model One+ effectively no longer has an alarm clock.

Tivoli Audio Model One+ control wheel
You change through the stations with the large turning wheel. This has more charm with FM reception, but of course also works well with DAB stations.

Design: wooden case in three colours

Model One+ is available in three color versions, with the outer panel always made of colored wood. The DAB radio has its very own retro character, which is only enhanced by the idiosyncratic front. The display, which is round and easy to read on the front, also contributes to the subtle but stylish design. Unfortunately, the screen can’t display images, which limits the amount of additional information you can actually enjoy with some DAB stations.

Tivoli Audio Model One+ treatment on the corner
The wooden box is of high quality and neatly put together.

Conclusion: Tivoli Audio Model One+

The Tivoli Audio Model One+ offers you radio reception and Bluetooth qualities with a pleasant, if not particularly detailed, sound. With its understated but interesting design, the Model One+ presents itself as a good DAB radio for anyone looking for a competent radio with Bluetooth streaming but few other extras. Especially in everyday life, the Model One+ can quickly appear slim, because if you don’t have the remote control at hand, functions such as the alarm clock are lost.

A word about the price

The price of the One+ model is on par with a Teufel Radio 3Sixty. On paper, however, it offers less functionality for the money. Whether the Tivoli Audio Model One+ is right for you depends more than with other digital radios on your budget and personal taste. If you’re looking for the best value for money, you better keep looking. Can you handle the price and are you impressed by the character of the Model One+? Then you won’t make a mistake and you will receive a classic high-quality radio for your home.

Model One+ is available in three color variants:

Technical specifications
design type Compact
radio reception DAB, FM
Other sources Bluetooth
service on the device, remote control
Dimensions (WxHxD) 12 x 21.17 x 15 cm
weight 1.5 kg
available colors Black, silver, walnut
alarm function Yes
Price 299 euros

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What are your thoughts on Tivoli Audio’s Model One+? Just the right thing for you, or should your digital radio be able to do more? Write it in the comments!

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