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SHENZHEN, China, 22 October 2022 /PRNewswire/– Kandao Meeting S is a 180 degree single video conferencing camera designed to perform highly satisfying hybrid meetings. In addition, it offers the clearest view with a viewing angle of 180 degrees, a full-duplex sound system, smart tracking using AI and a powerful integrated system.

Functionally, this video conference camera was particularly praised for its dynamic image switching capability, as noted by the judges. It achieves this by precisely focusing on the speaker using clear images with a field of view of 180 degrees and by recognizing the person’s face. Since the camera works independently, it does not need to be connected to a PC. In addition, the great convenience of simply placing the camera on the table to use it was appreciated. On the other hand, this camera can also be used as a computer peripheral with a triple function – it has a built-in hi-fi speaker and full-duplex microphones and also works as a smart video conference camera.

Kandao Meeting S is a product inspired by customers: they wanted a device that you just put on the table in front of you and that shows all the participants. This also gives remote participants the feeling of actually sitting at the table. The camera has a 195 degree lens that covers the entire room. Together with an advanced Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm and sound localization, it can accurately and automatically capture and track speakers in frame. Different modes and image freezes can also be used to keep the camera focused on certain important details. It also has screen mirroring functionality for easy wireless screen sharing, full-duplex participant audio system that allows everyone to join the conversation in real time, and built-in Android system for installing conferencing software. This camera is undoubtedly an essential device that will allow you to create a whole new level of communication in your workplace.

However, there are some large coverage scenarios where a camera alone is not enough to deliver a high-quality long-distance communication experience. Therefore, Kandao will launch an intelligent video conferencing system called “Kandao Meeting Omni”. By accessing multiple Kandao video conferencing devices, a powerful computer backend system and software that acts as a control center, this system will create an even more compelling user experience. will merge AI face recognition data and voice localization audio from multiple Kandao conference devices and reanalyze and integrate them into a unified video conference screen. Thanks to AI technology, intelligent face recognition and logic-based deduplication, this system enables even more participants to be visible By integrating the selection rules of portrait photography has prioritized frontal and close-up shots, which realize long-distance communication that feels like sitting face to face with the interlocutor. In addition, four groups of hi-fi speakers together with four groups of eight microphone systems form a crystal clear sound system. The soon to be launched product, Kandao Meeting Omni, will undoubtedly become the preferred choice for video conferencing in larger spaces.

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