Developers reportedly want to abandon mandatory compatibility

A debate has arisen over whether the Xbox Series S compatibility requirement will hamper the development of next-generation games.

You surely remember that the Gotham Knights developers announced that the game will only run at 30 FPS and will not include a performance mode.

Gamers around the world were shocked when Warner Bros. announced that Gotham Knights will not offer any performance settings for consoles and will even only run at 30 FPS, which many thought was outdated.

Now the Xbox Series S is said to be to blame for everything! The small console with the weaker hardware is said to drive several developers to despair.

Senior Character Technical Artist Lee Devonald of Rocksteady Studios claimed that an entire generation of games has been crippled by “this potato console” because Microsoft insists that games be made for both the Xbox Series S and the relatively powerful Xbox Series X , to be published.

“I wish gamers would understand what 60fps means given what they *lose* to make the game run that fast,” he said. “Especially considering we have a current-gen console that isn’t much better than a last-gen console.”

Journalist Jeff Gerstmann questioned this thesis. Most of these games are also released for PC and there is a much wider range of configurations. A wide range of graphics cards and PC configurations must be used here.

Lee Devonald’s tweets have been deleted.

Ian Maclure, who worked for Bossa on I Am Fish, then spoke up and said the Xbox Series S was the cause. But he went further, claiming that “many” studios would ask Microsoft to drop mandatory Xbox Series S compatibility.

Currently, developers for the Xbox Series X|S must ensure that their games run on both versions of the console. According to a debate on Twitter, “many” developers will reportedly be allowed to develop exclusively and only for the stronger Xbox Series X, given that the “weaker” Xbox Series S is said to be hindering progress, it said.

Ian Maclure explained that the reason for the request is that many developers have been dismayed by the requirement in the past year. After one development cycle, the Xbox Series S proved to be “the albatross breathing development down its neck”. Teams don’t want to repeat this process when approaching games with the next generation of consoles in mind.

Other developers, on the other hand, stated that they themselves have not experienced any particular issues with the Xbox Series S theme, and there are many games out there that also deliver on the Xbox Series S.

Maclure’s tweets are no longer visible.

Digital Foundry’s Alexander Battaglia claimed in May that he had heard from some developers that the storage limitations made working with the Xbox Series S a “pain”.

“We’ve heard from several developers that they feel the Series S is a bit annoying at times – not because of the CPU or GPU performance, but more because of the memory limitations,” he said.

Apparently, Microsoft responded to the developers’ complaints, because a short time later there was an update to the developer kit:

In June, Microsoft released a new game developer kit stating, “Hundreds of additional megabytes of storage will be made available to developers for Xbox Series S. This gives developers more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance when memory is limited.”

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