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Of course, you should never judge a mobile home based on its appearance, but pay attention to important features such as floor plan, payload, quality and equipment. But if a motorhome also has a smart and modern look, especially inside, that is a big bonus.

Design motorhomes for the 2023 model year

In any case, we noticed a lot of new models at the Caravan Salon 2022 that have an extraordinarily smart interior design. promobil has collected the most beautiful models here.

Hymer Venture S

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The new Hymer Venture S is top notch. The semi-integrated is the series vehicle for a study that was presented in 2019. You can already order it for next year.

The Hymer Venture S is based on a four-wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter and has its very own look. This applies, among other things, to the sun terrace at the back, which you can only open when the weather is good, and the large pop-up roof with an air chamber system.

The terrace has a bamboo floor equipped in yacht optics. This reference continues inside with the wooden walls. In addition, felt walls are used inside and a “tile” mirror in the kitchen, of course not made of real tiles, but a lighter imitation.

The kitchen with black elements and tiled wall and the seating group’s light upholstery fit harmoniously into the look. The corner sink with black fixtures also looks smart and modern.

However, this luxurious look also comes at a price: the Hymer Venture S costs 225,000.

Niesmann and Bischoff Flair

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Niesmann + Bischoff Flair (2023)

Niesmann + Bischoff

Luxury car manufacturer Niesmann and Bischoff have completely revised the Flair for the 2023 season. The optionally 8.87 or 9.27 meter long models are based on Iveco Dailywhich is equipped with many safety features Thanks to a clear line of sight and angled furniture that connects seamlessly to the wall, the lining looks spacious and tidy.

In addition, the furniture was radically modernized. The walls are covered with felt, the cupboards with one real wood veneer and the kitchen drawers are white with modern black handles. The smoked glass doors between the kitchen and the bathroom and between the bathroom and the bedroom set accents.

The large bathroom with separate shower is another design highlight. that rain shower has a concrete appearance. The washbasin can be designed individually, for example it is available in the patented material Cristalmood from the Italian company Antoniolupi.

Prices for Niesmann and Bischoff Flair start at 214,900 euros.

Hobby Maxia Van

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Hobby Maxia Van (2023)

Frank Eppler

It gets a little cheaper in the first motorhome on this list. The Hobby Maxi Van was eagerly awaited VW Crafterright The Crafter motorhome with a super-high roof and a clearance of two meters is 6.84 meters long in total.

It provides a layout that is fairly typical of a motorhome with a large longitudinal double bed behind, kitchen next to cabin door, bathroom opposite and sitting area forward. The real highlight of the Maxia Van is not the structure, but the looks.

It is known Scandinavian style already from the Maxia caravan series from Hobby. The interior is dominated by grey, light wood tones and white furniture elements in a reduced design. The walls are covered with felt, which ensures cosiness. The indirect lighting in the vehicle also contributes to this.

A cool feature in the Maxia Van is streaming technology. Using an LTE-compatible device, you can stream your favorite movies and series or work in the vehicle.

The Hobby Maxia Van is available from 89,750 euros.

Globe Traveler 2X

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Globe Traveler X2 (2023)

Frank Eppler

On the 6.36 meter long Fiat Ducato, Globe-Traveller presents the 2X, a camping bus for couples. The 2X is based on either a Fiat Ducato or a Peugeot Boxer and impresses with its simple design elegance in the form of wood paneling and dark kitchen cabinets and upholstery. A cozy atmosphere is created by the backlit cabinets. Overhead cabinets run from the rear through the entire vehicle to the front of the driver’s cab.

The highlight of Globe Traveler is the big one kitchen. It not only offers a large work surface, but also several drawers and cupboards, including a practical apothecary pull-out. The two bins in the sideboard drawer opposite the kitchen area are also well thought out. So it is not difficult to separate rubbish when you are out and about.

Opposite the kitchen is a sideboard located on the driver’s side. In front is a single seat, which creates space and a fantastic sense of space. As the 2X is a two-person motorhome, there is no need for a large seating area. Driver and passenger seats are swivel, which is sufficient for sitting at the table and eating. When the table is not in use, it disappears into a practical flap in the floor.

Otherwise, the Globe-Traveller 2X also has a French bed and a compact bathroom at the rear. Its base price: 69,140 euros

Kiwi Senja

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Kiwi Senja (2023)


At the Caravan Salon 2022, the Kiwi factory presented the Senja, a well-designed motorhome. At their stand, the individual builder wanted above all to show what is possible. With them, vanlife dreams come true, provided the payment is right.

The Senja is based on a VW Crafter in two-tone paint, which already gives a smart look. He is with some kind bunk bed designed for four people in the back. During the day, the upper bed can be pushed together so that the lower bed can be used as a sofa.

The ceiling is covered with wood and is also in the rest of the vehicle tree the dominant material. The kitchen has a wooden worktop and anthracite colored drawers. It is equipped with an induction cooker, a 69 liter compressor fridge and a portafilter coffee machine.

On the other side of the vehicle is a smart sink and there is no bathroom in the Senja. The upper cabinets and the upholstery of the front seating area are in a modern style Grey held. There is a beautiful real oak table between the bench and the rotating driver’s seats.

Kiwi Senja is of course also technically up-to-date and much can be controlled via an app. The price of the bus: a whopping 189,000 euros.

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Beauty depends on the eyes that see. What one person likes may not necessarily suit another. In the end, the most important thing is that customers are happy with their caravan.

In any case, we are happy that many companies dare to give their vehicles a modern design. They are increasingly embracing the “vanlife trend” and seem to draw inspiration from beautiful home improvements.

Want to see more stylish vehicles? There were also a few eye-catchers among the luxury liners at Caravan Salon 2022. The Purist custom bus and the Camper&Friends Vanksy 54 are not represented at the fair, but are still super stylish.

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