Ultra Rare NFT Promo: Tamadoge Gives Away €100,000 in Giveaways

A few days ago the ultra rare Tamadoge NFTs were released. The sale of the rare puppies will be accompanied by a promo where the winners will receive tokens worth $100,000.


How to enter the TAMA competition

The development team announced the campaign in a Twitter post, and entering the contest is very easy. There are nine ways to participate. Each option gives the entrant a different number of entries that go into the drawing:

  • By connecting their own crypto wallet, participants receive 5 entries.
  • Anyone who follows Tamadoge’s official Twitter account will receive a post.
  • If you tweet about Tamadoge and mention Elon Musk, you get 5 entries.
  • By joining the Tamadoge Discord group, participants gain an entry.
  • If you share the giveaway campaign with a friend, you will get one entry.
  • A visit to Instagram is worth a visit.
  • By clicking on the Tamadoge YouTube channel, participants gain an entry.
  • A retweet on Twitter is worth a post.

Should users exhaust all these features, they will receive 17 entries in the lottery pool from which the winner will be drawn. Entrants are eligible who have completed at least one of these steps and are in possession of at least $100 worth of TAMA Tokens at the time of the Prize Giving. So far, up to 94,995 votes have been counted, participants still have 7 days to participate in the campaign.

Tamadoge stirs the advertising drum

With the campaign, Tamadoge not only wants to gain followers on Twitter and Co., but also wants to advertise. Every Twitter post and repost gets a click or two on the Tamadoge website. This can result in new purchases which would certainly make the project good at the moment. Because the TAMA price has dropped rapidly in the last few days and is now at $0.04. A proud rate had developed in the first two trading days. The coin temporarily had a value of $0.19.

The goal of the giveaway contest is to attract new buyers and see the community grow. At the same time, attention must be drawn to NFT’s sales, which have so far been somewhat sluggish. This will probably be due to the high price of at least 1 WETH per NFT. The first NFT drop of the Ultra Rare NFTs will run for three more days.

In what is likely to be the largest NFT drop in 2022, buyers will gradually have access to Shiba Inu dogs of varying degrees of rarity. The NFTs are required to participate in the future Tamaverse Play to Earn Game.

After the first sales phase, further NFT sales will follow. The second drop sells 1,000 rare NFTs. In the final phase, 20,000 popular NFTs will then be available to buyers.

A proven Tamadoge campaign

In addition to the raffle for $100,000 worth of TAMA tokens, users have another promotion available where $3000 worth of coins are given away.

Here, too, there are nine ways in which participants can enter the draw. Token holders can still enter this giveaway 4 days later. The principle of the draw is the same, but the value of the giveaways has been significantly increased.

NFT sales can be a game changer

The ongoing NFT sale, but especially the one where the buyers can buy the somewhat cheaper variants, may have a positive effect on the price in the future. Shortly after NFT’s announcement, the price of one TAMA token rose to $0.19. In one day, the coins achieved a whopping 216%.

The Tamadoge game, which is due to be released this year, could soon turn the tide for the TAMA track. In the game, buyers receive a personalized puppy based on their purchased NFT. In the game, players are tasked with taking care of their pets and taking care of them. Once your dog has evolved enough, you can put it in dogfights to earn TAMA tokens.

Buy Tamadog now

When developing the game, the developers relied on a documented hype. The game is reminiscent of the Tamagotchis that conquered the world about 20 years ago. The game will also be available as an app next year. This allows players to take care of their pets while on the go.

The campaign and the NFT sale may soon lead to a positive development in the TAMA process. Since the NFTs are closely related to the soon-to-be-released game, their demand may increase soon, which may also affect the Tamadoge price prediction.

How to buy the Tamadoge token

If you want to buy a Tamadoge token, you need your own crypto wallet. A wallet can be downloaded and set up in the browser in minutes.

Step 1: Call up OKX

Visit the OKX website and create your own account. Alternatively, you can also use LBANK. The usual data such as name, date of birth and your address are required for registration. After confirmation, a photo of your ID card is required.

It usually only takes a few minutes to activate a ni user account.

Tamadog crypto exchanges

Step 2: Top up tokens

After activation, you can start token trading. To buy Tamadoge coins, USDT is required first. Use the Buy Crypto button and then use the Buy with Card tab.

You can now choose how many coins you want to buy and you will be shown the total amount owed in your chosen currency. Confirm the purchase and go to the “Trade” section.

Step 3: Select and purchase TAMA

Look here for the Tama/USDT trading window. Here you have the option to specify how many USDT tokens you would like to buy or how many TAMA tokens you would like to receive. Confirm your choice and close the deal.

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