Modding Contest 2022: This is the case from Fractal Design

Only a few days after the start of the application phase for this year’s modding competition, we want to present the three cases in more detail, so that all potential applicants can get a better picture and at the same time more easily present their ideas. This year, the subsequent participants in the competition can choose between three current cases from Fractal Design. You can choose between Fractal Design Torrent Standard, Torrent Compact and Fractal Design Torrent Nano.

The trio offers a completely new design, but should also be able to stand out from the competition with its cooling concept. To this end, the three family members offer an open grille design at the front and space for huge fans directly behind them – the Swedes sometimes supply up to five pre-installed rotors. Depending on the model variant, one or two huge 180 mm fans can be placed behind the airy front.

In general, the three series representatives differ in size. While the Fractal Design Torrent Nano is intended for compact mini-ITX systems with an overall height of 374mm, the Torrent Compact accommodates larger motherboards up to the E-ATX form factor and also offers space for multiple drives and PCI cards. On the other hand, it is significantly larger with a height of 467 mm. At 530 mm, the Fractal Design Torrent is the largest series representative and clearly the flagship of the series. In terms of space, mounting options and ventilation, it is the largest.

On request, all three models are available with a side panel made of tempered glass, so that the hardware inside, together with its RGB lighting, can be displayed at its best. In addition, two different color variants are available with white and black.

Fractal design torrent compact and torrent nano

Key data:
Designation: Fractal design torrent nano Fractal design torrent compact Fractal design standard torrent
Material: Steel, tempered glass, plastic Steel, tempered glass, plastic Steel, tempered glass, plastic
Dimensions: 222 x 374 x 417 mm (W x H x D) 222 x 467 x 450 mm (W x H x D) 242 x 530 x 544 mm (W x H x D)
form factor: Mini ITX, Mini DTX E-ATX (up to 274 mm wide), SSI-CEB, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX E-ATX, SSI-EEB, SSI-CEB, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Drive: 1x 3.5/2.5 inch (internal), 2x 2.5 inch (internal) 1x 3.5/2.5 inch (internal), 3x 2.5 inch (internal) 2x 3.5 inch (internal), 4x 2.5 inch (internal)
Fan: 2x 120/140 or 1/180mm (front, 1x 180mm pre-installed), 1x 120mm (back panel, optional), 2x 120/140mm (bottom, optional) 3x 120 or 2x 140/180mm (front, 2x 180mm pre-installed), 1x 120mm (back panel, optional), 3x 120/2×140/2x 180mm (180mm with Micro-ATX motherboard) (bottom, optional) 3x 120/140 or 2x 180mm (front, 2x 180mm pre-installed), 3x 120/140 or 2x 180mm (bottom, 3x 140mm pre-installed), 1x 120/140mm (rear panel, optional)
Radiators (maximum according to manufacturer): Front: 240/140 mm, rear wall: 120 mm, bottom: 240/280 mm Front: 360/280 mm, rear wall: 120 mm, bottom: 240/280 mm Front: 360/420 mm, bottom: 360/420 mm, rear wall: 120/140 mm
CPU cooler height (maximum according to manufacturer): 16.5 cm 17.4 cm 18.8 cm
Graphics card length (maximum according to manufacturer): 33.5 cm with 180 mm front fan, 31 cm with 120/140 mm front bottom fan 33 cm with 180 mm front fan, 34.3 cm with 120/140 mm front bottom fan 46.1 cm without front fan, 42.3 cm with front fan
Weight: Black TG: 6.0 kg, white TG: 5.8 kg, black solid: 5.5 kg Black TG: 8.0 kg / White TG: 7.7 kg / Black solid: 7.4 kg about 11 kg
Price: 115.99 euros (Solid), 125.99 euros (TG) and 136.99 euros (TG RGB, each RRP) 136.99 euros (Solid), 147.99 euros (TG) and 168.99 euros (TG RGB) €229.99 (RRP), other variants from €179.99 (RRP)

Depending on the version, Fractal Design Torrent costs between around 115 and 230 euros. The participants can decide for themselves which home they want to give a completely new look to.

On top of that, there is a thick hardware package

Associated product image

As in previous years, this year there is again a thick hardware package on top. All five participants can look forward to a processor from AMD, a motherboard and a graphics card from MSI as well as many water cooling components from Alphacool. The RAM and SSD come from Kingston, the screen from AOC and the power supply from Seasonic. Cablemod adds its gelseevten cable strings.

We will announce the full hardware package in the next few days and present it in detail. Until then, you can diligently press the keys and write an application:

We are looking forward to a successful modding competition 2022 with many great new projects!

Prices and availability
Fractal design torrent
Frame logo Curmudgeon logo
Not available 222.90 euros From EUR 198.95