Despite good frequency: Postbanken closes its Nagold branch – Nagold and surroundings

To close next year: “Posten” at Herrenberger Straße 3 in Nagold. Photo: Thomas Fritsch

It is strictly a Postbank branch, but for the Naglder people it is “their post office”. There are now plans to close the branch at Herrenberger Straße 3.

Nagold – Anyone who goes to the “Posten” in Nagold at Herrenberger Straße 3 knows: standing in line. What few people realize is that they are not actually in the good old “Deutsche Post” at all, but in a “Postbank branch”. And it is part of the “Deutsche Bank” group. Which right now is thinning out its branches properly.

Touched by this – soon: also Nagold. Precisely the location on Herrenberger Strasse. Despite the regularly long queues at the counter. For most of them, it has nothing to do with Postbank’s actual banking business: “We only close a branch if it can no longer be run economically,” said a Postbank spokesman when asked by this newspaper. It is “above all the type of services that our customers demand in the branch”, but not “the number of visitors” – because it has obviously always been quite high in Nagold.

“Progressive Change”

“For us, the relationship is between pure services” – that is, e.g. pure postal services or cash payments – “and value-creating new business” – e.g. through entering into and using bank products such as installment loans, securities or insurance. – “must be right”. Due to a “progressive change in customer behaviour”, a branch therefore needs a corresponding “customer potential in the long term to keep this relationship permanently balanced and therefore economical”. We therefore close branches that do not have this potential – like here in Nagold”. Only by constantly adapting our own branch network in this way “can we work economically as a company in the long term”.

A clear “change in the behavior of Postbank customers” has been observed for some time “due to the ongoing digitization”. This trend has again intensified since the beginning of the corona pandemic. “We find that our online offer is being used more and more across all age groups.” This applies both to classic online banking and to the online conclusion of products such as private installment loans or additional online offers “such as the virtual connection to our advisers”. As a result of these changes, Postbanken’s actual customers have “less demand for stationary offers in the branches”. The number of branches nationwide has already been reduced from the original 750 “to about 650 branches today” in recent years. Around 100 more branches are to follow by the end of 2023.

Branch in the Kuzu market is expanding

“With this in mind, Postbank has decided to close the branch in Nagold, according to current plans, during the coming year,” the spokesperson continued. However, there is no exact closing date. “Postbanken is withdrawing completely from this location,” which also applies to the existing self-service units that are being dismantled. However, “the range of postal and parcel services” will remain in Nagold in the future “and will be ensured by our partner Deutsche Post”. This was confirmed by the press office of Deutsche Post DHL Group in a written statement: “We will expand our partner branch at Bahnhofstrasse 23 – in the ‘Kuzu Markt’ – to two counters next week.” The mailbox system will then continue to be available at this address.

There are no redundancies as a result of the planned closure of the Nagold Postbank branch: “The jobs lost as a result of the closure of the branch will be cut in a socially responsible manner within the framework of existing company agreements,” said Postbank’s spokesman. In general, no information was given on the number of employees in the Nagold department “for security reasons” in the sense of “prevention of robberies”. As a replacement for the future Postbank branch in Nagold, which will no longer be available, the company already today and in the future offers a nationwide network that is easily accessible to customers, consisting of its own branches and currently around 2,000 partner branches of Deutsche Post with banking services”.

As soon as the exact date of the closure of the Postbank branch in Nagold is determined, customers will be informed “by means of a notice and a personal letter about the closure, the nearest Postbank branch, Deutsche Post’s partner branch, which takes over the offer of postal services , and the nearest opportunities for free cash supply”.

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