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As part of an umbrella brand strategy, the Hagebau Group organizes the associated brands and introduces new logos for them. WerkersWelt will become “hagebau compact”, the specialist trade can in future appear under the name “hagebau profi”, and the DIY stores listed as “Hagebaumarkt” will also get a new logo.

The umbrella brand strategy was approved during an extraordinary meeting with the franchisees in the summer. Since then, applications and media have been successively converted to the new visual appearance. A new logo has recently been added to the online shop at hagebau.de.

For Hagebau, the move is a milestone on the way to “leading collaboration in everything to do with construction,” according to the company. “In the future, this unique combination under a national umbrella brand will give us a real competitive advantage,” says Jan Buck-Emden, CEO.

Hagebau trading company for building materials was founded in 1964 and is today a collaboration supported by around 300 legally independent, medium-sized companies in trade and retail. More than 1,500 locations in Europe are affiliated with the Hagebau Group.

Hagebau logo – before and after, image source: Hagebau, image montage: dt

In the “Noughties” (2000-2009), gradient logos were very popular (see: more and more gradient logos). The former Hagebaumarkt logo also dates from this period, as is easy to see. Color gradients no longer play a role. Within the new logo architecture, however, the colors were not only reduced and rearranged, the basic structure and shape were also changed. What used to be a closed emblem-like sign has become an open and also variable word and design mark. The green inner area has been dissolved and the graphic brackets, which were previously in red, have been colored green. In this way, the letters can appear larger than before.

The transition to the new brand identity is accompanied by a campaign that went online a few days ago in the social media environment, among other things: “We can do it together” is the motto. The new brand architecture and the current campaign were created in collaboration with “Die Neue Vernunft”, a subsidiary of the agency group KNSK (Hamburg).


I find it extremely interesting how, on the one hand, the recognizability is preserved, thanks to the continuation of the company colors red and green and the retention of the letters, but at the same time created a different visual aesthetic. During the reduction of shape and colors, the handling as well as the display quality are significantly improved. A smart concept.

If the letters were adopted one-to-one, it is probably mainly because it serves as a distinctive sign in many markets, even more so than the octagonal signet (example: Hagebaumarkt Landau). From a formal-aesthetic point of view, one could of course have imagined something else, more contemporary and more pleasant than such an 80s tech look.

A reason-driven, pragmatic solution. The costs for new signage and CD equipment must be borne by the franchisees/partners, at least in this case I assume. The lower the cost and effort, the greater the likelihood that the new CD will be implemented. This is indeed the case with this redesign by far the biggest challenge. I would assume that many Hagebau hardware stores will still have the old logo on the facade in ten years. It is no different with, for example, car dealers using an old logo on their facade and pylons many years after a car brand was redesigned. Brands that are managed centrally by one company tend to be faster to implement (see Hertz, JYSK).

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