Google shows off a major redesign of its smart home app

At the start of Matter, Google is revamping its Home app.

Google’s Home app is a terrible experience!: Anyone who spends their time in online forums or subreddits related to smart homes will have heard about it from dozens of users. But that should be the end of it now.

In line with yesterday’s launch of the new Matter smarthome standard, Google presented a completely revised home app, which should become the center of your smart home thanks to its simple and flexible operation.

A closed beta phase has currently been announced for the new home app, where any imperfections in the software must be ironed out. At the end of the article, you can find out how to sign up for the beta and when it is expected to start.

Google is completely dependent on Matter – and is redesigning its home app

As a reason for the redesign, Google took the initiative for Matter. Version 1.0 of the new smart home standard, which is intended to unify communication between devices from different manufacturers, was released yesterday. You can find all important information about Matter in our overview of the new common language of the smart home.



New standard for smart home

Why “Matter” is so important and what is changing

We redesigned the Google Home app to help you run your home, your way. You can add important devices, actions & automations — like turning off your lights — to your favorites, and you can access your camera live streams right from the app. Learn more ↓

— Google (@Google) October 4, 2022

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If Google has its way, in the future you’ll control all your Matter devices via the Home app. This uses what Google calls Fast mating with matter designated. In the future, your Android device should automatically recognize Matter devices and set them up quickly and securely. Adding new devices shouldn’t be more complicated than connect and use will.

Everything must become simpler and more flexible

In order for the Home app to become the beating heart of your Matter smart home in the future, the app must also become more practical to use. This is also clear to Google. With an almost complete redesign, they want to shed the reputation of being a bug-ridden, confusing hodgepodge app. Instead, the home app should shine with its simplicity and flexibility.

To this end, the app will soon be divided into five major areas. Below favorites you can see what is most important to you in your smart home. That’s where the new ones come from gap for use, which we will discuss in more detail in a moment. Below Units you will find, as the name suggests, the products associated with the Home app. IN automations you set routines that automate the smart home. IN activities your Smart Home says when something exciting happens and i settings you adapt it to your wishes.

At the start there are only prefabricated rooms, from 2023 you will probably also create your own.

At the start there are only prefabricated rooms, from 2023 you will probably also create your own.

In addition to the better overview, Google primarily focuses on the new rooms. These are well-organized hub pages for different areas of your home. Some examples from Google itself: In Space cameras you can view video feeds from all your cameras together. In space Lightning you control the smart lighting of your home and in the room Wireless Internet you can see details about your WiFi connection such as connected devices and access points or share your WiFi password with guests.

To give you more flexibility in using the Home app, it should also appear as a web interface and as a Wear OS app in the coming weeks. What a coincidence that Google’s own Pixel Watch, which uses this very operating system, is to be presented tomorrow.

Google is presenting this at its event this week

more on the subject

Google is presenting this at its event this week

This is how it should continue with Google’s Home app

In addition to the innovations already announced at launch, Google also gives a glimpse of how the app will be expanded next year.

From 2023 you should also be able to create your own rooms where you can combine your devices as you wish and build your own overview pages for your smart home.

You should also be able to create more complex routines from early 2023. the rider automations home app you then want to order one script editor expand, where advanced users get more powerful tools for creating routines.

The new Google Home app on WearOS and as a web version.

The new Google Home app on WearOS and as a web version.

How to sign up for the closed beta version of the Google Home app

Google plans to launch the new Home app as a closed beta in the coming weeks. However, you cannot currently sign up for the beta directly via the public preview link mentioned in the blog post.

Fortunately, US site 9to5Google has a solution that allows you to sign up for the new Home app now. To do this, open the URL googlehome://settings/app-preview program with your Android device and then press the button Request invitation.

Of course, an invitation to the closed beta does not guarantee that. But you can already now express your interest in the new housing app.

In addition to a revised app, Google also presented new hardware. All details about the new router and co. can be found in our news on the subject.

Nest Wifi Pro: Google’s new router should free you from slow WLAN

Already frustrated with Google’s previous Home app design? Are you looking forward to the new, clear version? And how do you feel about the case that started yesterday? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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