Estonia: where design is a priority

Fashion, furniture and everyday objects with a cult character prove that aesthetic, functional design is one of the core competencies of Estonia. This is also reflected in the fact that in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, every fifth resident is a designer or architect. Let’s take a closer look!

Shopping: Design from Estonia

Those who like to take a thing or two home from their travels have come to the right place in the Estonian capital, because here you can shop. In the smallest building on the shortest street in Tallinn’s Old Town, the Oma Asi store occupies a small space. More than 60 Estonian designers are represented here with their designs. The finest Estonian handicrafts are also sold in the Master’s courtyard, Meistrite Hoov, a courtyard in the historic center. Craft traditions dating back to the Middle Ages are consciously followed here. In addition to lace, jewellery, carpets and works of art, a cozy café invites you to linger. The Teele Disain gift shop is also worth a visit. There are over 500 items here – from wooden wall clocks to handbags, as well as porcelain, glassware, jewelery and textiles. You’ll probably find something there.

Tallinn Design House

A tribute to the country’s creative energy

What a fantastic project: Tallinn Design House’s Kummardus photo and film exhibition. Translated, Kummardus means “bow” and is a tribute to the creative energy of the country’s designers. 150 images and six videos connect Estonian design and its development with nature, traditions and the country’s cultural identity. It is beautiful how fashion and jewelry are displayed in the landscapes that inspired their creators: on the coast, in meadows, in swamps, forests or on sandbanks. The viewer is guided through the pictures and films to 26 characteristic places in Estonia, also during the four seasons. Because every season in Estonia unfolds its own magic and has its own inspiring power. Must be seen!

Exhibition at Tallinn Design House

Visit Estonia/Riina Varol

Architectural highlights of Tallinn

Historic structures, innovative concepts for high quality of life are what characterize Tallinn’s urban architecture. A former industrial complex near the old town is the best example of modern architecture. In addition to shops, street food trucks, a theater and a container hotel, Telliskivi creative factory is also home to the famous photography museum and the ice cream factory La Muu, which is so beloved in Tallinn. The Noblessner shipyard has also become a habitable cultural quarter with museums, studios and the igloo park. Be sure to rent one of the sauna cabins with a sea view for the traditional sweat bath in the igloo park! And then stroll around the green promenade on the roof of the new cruise terminal, which has been designed to be sustainable and energy efficient.

The creative district Telliskivi in ​​Tallinn

Visit Estonia/Rasmus Jurkatam

cool design

It looks a bit like a modern design museum, but it’s actually a shop. Tallinn Design House represents the national art of design and the highlights of domestic design: fashion and furniture, jewelry and handbags, home textiles, porcelain, lamps, art books and everything that makes life a little bit more beautiful. Tallinn Design House has found its home in the Rotermann district, formerly a dilapidated factory complex on the edge of the old town and today a trendy neighborhood with shops, restaurants and avant-garde architecture, and is the first address when looking for unusual , high quality souvenirs. The design house is also a regular meeting place for exhibitions and events.

Roterman City in Tallinn

Visit Estonia/Rotermann City

Pure nature in these small houses

Just take a deep breath and experience the forest with its silence. About 45 minutes from the capital, guests can experience Estonian nature up close at Maidla Nature Resort. Three tiny houses resting on stilts, 22 to 50 square meters in size, with glass fronts that open to the view of the forest from the bed, each accommodate two people. They are located in such a way that no trees had to be felled for their construction, and despite the partly avant-garde architecture, they blend in with the surroundings. Would you like a roof terrace? Then Villa Kaseke – which is inspired by the appearance of a pine cone – comes to mind. Do you prefer an outdoor jacuzzi? Then Villa Käbi must be booked. And if you value your own sauna, Villa Poku is the right place for you.

Maidla Nature Villa

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