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Thunder God, he had recently won a lot. But not in relation to muscle mass. In “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) became a drinking, worn-out proletarian with a fat stomach – and the fans celebrated him like never before. Nothing from this movie generated as many “memes” online as Thor and his beer belly. But the time for celebration is now over again: after the ensemble blockbuster, Thor recently got his own film adventure, which he can only survive in top form: “Thor: Love and Thunder” is now out, as well as the animated films ” DC League of Super Pets” and ” Maya the Bee – The Secret Kingdom” on DVD and Blu-ray.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” (Release: October 13)

“From bacon pack to six pack,” says the trailer for Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) fourth solo outing, “Thor: Love and Thunder.” So the crowd favorite is getting back into shape. He will need all his energy. He is in danger of losing his rank as god of thunder due to his idleness: Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) becomes the female Thor. Of course, old Thor doesn’t give up his position without a fight. And then there is also Gorr, the god slayer (Christian Bale), who wants to destroy all the gods. With a runtime of “only” 119 minutes, “Thor: Love and Thunder” is the shortest Marvel film in recent history, but these barely two hours are fully utilized. In addition to the comeback of Thunder God Thor and epic Space Viking action, audiences can also expect the introduction of Valkyrie Brunnhilde (Tessa Thompson) as the first LGBTQ character in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Price DVD: around twelve euros

USA, 2022, directed by Taika Waititi, running time: 114 minutes

“DC League of Super-Pets” (Release: October 13)

Krypto is the name of Superman’s dog. He wears a red cloak like his master, can fly and always has a good saying up his sleeve. Only when it comes to saving the earth does he usually take second place. That changes when a nasty little rogue guinea pig takes Superman down with a lump of kryptonite at the beginning of DC League of Super-Pets. The Supermaster is kidnapped and Krypto also temporarily loses his superpowers. Of course, as a loyal Labrador, he will still do anything a dog can do to save Superman. He is looking for a few companions in an animal shelter, recruiting dogs, pigs, turtles and co. there and somehow manages to equip his new friends with spectacular superpowers and has found the “League of Super-Pets”. The idea of ​​turning Superman’s lap dog into a major hero may sound like a B-product at first glance. But there are some real A-listers behind this animal animation adventure. Krypto was voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the original version, and the other voice cast includes Kevin Hart (Ace), Olivia Wilde (Lois Lane) and Keanu Reeves (Batman).

Price DVD: around twelve euros

USA, 2022, directed by Jared Stern, running time: 101 minutes

“Maya the Bee – The Secret Kingdom” (Release: October 14)

No more fairy tales, the Queen made it abundantly clear. But if Maja has something in mind, it will be carried out. In “Maya the Bee – The Secret Kingdom”, the titular heroine embarks for the third time on a big movie adventure, and the story begins quite mysteriously. One morning, Maya and Willi find a wounded ant, who leaves them with the royal egg for Greenleaf. The messenger asks Maya and Willi to deliver the precious cargo to him – “everyone’s life in my settlement depends on it”. So the little, cheeky, clever Maya the Bee leaves – and Willi, although he complains at first, of course goes along. Discover new worlds, meet new friends, survive many small and big dangers along the way: “The Secret Kingdom” has everything a “Maya the Bee” story needs on the big screen. Unlike the last film, this time there is more focus on big names: After he had omitted “Die Biene Maja – Die Honigspiele” (2018), Jan Delay again takes over the synchronization of Willi. In addition, singers Sasha and Emilia Schüle were also involved in the production.

Price DVD: around twelve euros

D/AU, 2022, director: Noel Cleary/Alexs Stadermann, running time: 85 minutes

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