What does TTK mean in shooting games? Time to kill explained

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What is TTK? Anyone who dabbles in Call of Duty or other shooters will stumble across the term sooner or later. We explain what TTK is.

Santa Monica, California – You want to find the best weapon in Warzone, have no idea how to do it, and all Call of Duty experts only talk about TTK? We explain to you what TTK is in shooters like Activision’s Battle Royale. We also show you how you can calculate them yourself and tell you why the numbers are not always the most important thing.

Last name Call of Duty
platform PC, PlayStation 3-5, Xbox 360 Series X/S
First release November 6, 2006
publisher Activision
Developer Infinity Ward, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch Studios
genre First person shooter

Call of Duty: TTK explained – the basics

What is TTK? TTK, also called Time to Kill, is a term that comes up again and again, especially among shooters. Especially in competitive shooters like Warzone or Call of Duty Vanguard. Translated, it means something like “time for elimination.” So the time it takes you to make a kill. The lower the value of TTK, the faster you will get a kill. TTK usually only refers to firearms and is often a major factor in determining the meta in Warzone or other shooters.

How to determine TTK: The TTK of a gun in Warzone, Vanguard, or other shooters can essentially be calculated from three values. For this you need the damage value of a weapon, its rate of fire and the life points of the opponents. In the following overview, we will show you how to calculate the TTK of a weapon in Warzone or Vanguard using the new Welgun.

For the calculation, we only refer to chest hits at 100 life points at minimum range. The following values ​​are important for this:

  • Important stats for the weapon
  • Rate of Fire: 658 rounds per minute
  • Damage per bullet (chest hit): 36
  • Hits for a kill at 100 LP: 3

To calculate the TTK of the Welgun for Warzone or Vanguard, first convert the rate of fire from shots per second. minute to shot per second. To do this, simply divide the value 658 by 60. This results in eleven rounds per second. At 36 damage points per chest hit you only need three shots to kill up close. So to get the TTK you now need to divide the required hits by shots per. second and get TTK in seconds – in this case 0.275. This corresponds to 275 milliseconds. Here you can find the invoice again in the overview.

  • Convert shots per minute to shot per second – 658 : 60 = 11
  • Exchange damage per hit for life points – 100 : 36 = 2.7 = 3 shots for a kill
  • Divide shots per kill with shots per kill. second -3:11 = 0.275
  • TTK – 275 milliseconds

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do everything by hand. If you don’t want to calculate TTK for each weapon in Warzone or Call of Duty Vanguard, there is a page that will help you. YouTuber and CoD expert TrueGameData has created a page of the same name where you can look up TTK for all weapons with all attachments – not just for Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: TTK Explained – There are things you should be aware of

You have to keep this in mind with TTK: TTK is a purely statistical value in shooters like Warzone or CoD Vanguard. This means that it only indicates how fast a weapon is theoretically capable of killing. All shots of the weapon are assumed to hit.

Call of Duty: There are a few things to consider on TTK © Activision

As a rule, TTK does not play a major role in shooters for shotguns or snipers. This is because both weapons have clear tasks. Hitting a shotgun at close range usually gets a kill. For snipers, the opposite is true for long distances. In addition, snipers are optimally not used in direct duels. If that should be the case, values ​​such as flinch (moving the weapon up when hit) or the swing of the weapon when aiming, more important.

Call of Duty: TTK Explained – other important factors to keep in mind

These values ​​are also important for TTK: In addition, for example in Warzone, the distance to your target is an important factor. All weapons lose damage the further away your target is. Consequently, the weapon’s TTK also changes with increasing distance. But when it comes to duels over short distances, other factors also come into play. Here it comes in addition to the statistical TTK on “Sprint to Four Hour” and “Speed ​​of Aim Downsight”.

Call of Duty: TTK numbers aren’t always what matter most © Activision

“Sprint to Four Hour” describes the time you need to be ready to shoot from sprint. “Speed ​​of Aim Downsight” describes the time it takes you to aim from the hip. It is highly unlikely that in Warzone or Vanguard you will just sit in the corner with your loaded gun and opponents will run right in front of you. If you are comparing guns to each other, you should also consider these values.

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Warzone: Time to Kill (TTK) explained

This is why TTK is important: TTK is only a statistical value, but it still makes it possible to compare weapons in Call of Duty or other shooters very well. With the TTK you put the damage and rate of fire of a weapon in relation to each other and can better assess how good the gun really is in theory. However, don’t forget that other factors also play a role in actual play, and don’t be fooled by the big numbers.

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